How to configure Sipura SPA-841 phone with sipXecs

The following instructions cover the configuration of Sipura's SPA-841 IP phone with sipXecs

Identify the phone's IP address

Make a note of option '2 Current IP' (the current IP address)

Connect to the phone's Web User Interface

Configure the phone to work with sipXecs

Proxy: <your sipXecs domain name> (e.g.
Outbound Proxy: <your sipXecs domain name> (e.g.
Display Name: Registration name of the sipXecs user (User ID or extension number)
Password: sipXecs user password
Auth ID: sipXecs authentication username (User ID or extension number)
User ID: sipXecs User ID or extension number
User Auth ID: Set to 'Yes'

Parameters for Proxy and Outbound Proxy assume that you are using DNS SRV. If not, replace the domain name with the fully qualified host name (FQHN) of the sipXecs server.

The limitation of the current version, 0.9.5, is that the URI parameter in the authorization header of the SIP REGISTER message is not the same as in the actual request URI. sipXecs only looks at the request URI and is not checking the URI parameter in the 'authorization' header. This prevents the Sipura SPA-841 from registering with sipXecs. This bug has been reported to Sipura and has been fixed in recent firmware for other Sipura devices - SPA-200 and SPA-3000, but not in version 0.9.5 for SPA-841, as of this writing. As soon as the newer release is available it should include this fix, enabling registration with sipXecs.

Create a user for the phone in sipXecs

Release 3.0* and higher of sipXecs automatically generate a SIP password when a new user is created. The SIP password has to be programmed into the phone and is required for the line to register. This password is different from the PIN entered on the "New User" page. In order to see or change the assigned SIP password, click on the "Show Advanced Settings" link.

If you would like the phone to have an entry under Devices in the sipXecs Configuration Server, you can create an unmanaged phone. The user line can then be assigned to that phone. Even though no profile is generated for this phone, the administrator can see what users and lines are assigned to which phones.