LG-Nortel, a joint venture between LG and Nortel, launched a new, fully featured and very attractive line of SIP phones. Starting with release 3.8 of sipXecs, these phones are plug & play managed through the sipX configuration server. The 6800 series IP Phones are designed to enable real- time voice communication over SIP networks. LG-Nortel offers a broad array of SIP terminals from the basic 6804 lobby phone, to the 6830 manager phone, the 6800 series phones address the needs of your office communications. Supported models include:

Basic set features

sipXecs features
Plug and Play support (*3.8 required)
Firmware management (*3.8 required)
Music on Hold support (*3.8 required)
Directory and speed dial configuration (*3.8 required)
Intercom and Paging support (*New 3.10)
BLF support (*New 3.10)

How to Configure

Set Configuration

The LG-Nortel 6800 sets maybe configured directly from the sets. Although this is not the easiest method it does give you lots of flexibility. The key items to configure are:

Web Configuration

The LG-Nortel 6800 sets have a local web based interface which maybe used for configuration. It is available as shown. User: private Password: lip

Button Labels

The 6800 series sets have paper labels that can be labeled.

Required Firmware

In order to utilize the LIP-6800 series sets the proper firmware must be used. The minimum firmware is version v1238 sp and is available here for download. Firmware version v1248sp-a is also available from resellers.  Using the standard sipX device file functionality the sets maybe upgraded.


Some useful troubleshooting tips for the LG-Nortel 6800 sets are: