Hotdesking is not part of the standard sipXecs distribution but you can find it at

Requires sipXecs 4.6


In hotdesking, also sometimes called location independent working, hotelling or freeseating, workers do not have their own desks, but are allocating work space according to their needs. Such an environment is heavily dependent on correctly route your telephone calls to the desk of your choice. The optional sipXhotdesking module offers such an functionality.

Additionally the initial rollout of new phones becomes easier. Normally a phone has a number, so if a company get 100 new SipX phones, every phone has to carefully be put on the exact right desk. With hotdesking enabled you can just put a phone on a desk. Only make sure the manager and the office manager get the right phone, one with extension pad. ? In the morning every user will be able to connect themselves to their own phone by reading the instructions sent by e-mail

The way it is implemented is on a functional level:

Some extra info:

How does it work:


Auto select

When an IVR menu contains MULTIPLE menu items, the prompts are played to the user.

But when the IVR menu only contains ONE menu item, it is automatically chosen to speedup the IVR.

This feature increases usability tremendously.

Warning: When recording new IVR prompts, be aware of this feature.

Quick login *11xxx

Another feature to increase usability is the quicklogin. This allows users to login without using the IVR. By *11[extension] the user is logged in direct, without using the IVR.

Note: Wen an other user is active on the phone, this user will be logged off.