Music on hold (MOH) fills the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold.

When My Information/Music on hold is clicked a page similar with this one is displayed

Audio Source

One of the following audio source can be selected:

Sound Card: Audio from the server's sound card input.

Personal Music Directory: The User's music files. The files will be played from the beginning for each call placed on hold.

System Music Directory: The System's music files. A single synchronized stream will be used for all calls on hold.

None: No Music on Hold

Browse & Select
You can browse .wav files and save them in the system (click Apply button). Every saved file can be listened or deleted
Uploaded sound files must be 8khz / 16 bit PCM samples, signed, little-endian, 1 channel (mono), .wav header (implied 128kbps)
otherwise an error message will be displayed when saving

Save and Update Phone(s)
You can send a music file to your registered phones (that have to support MoH feature)

The default system music on hold URI is:


Where sipdomain is the system's SIP Domain (aliases do not work).

The URI for music on hold forĀ individualĀ users is:


Where XXXX is the user extension and sipdomain is the system's SIP Domain.

More Information
For further information about this topic, you can choose: HD Music on Hold