Background information

As of revision 17834 the Openfire admin console is disabled by default. What this means is that attempts to reach URL http://<sipXecs host name>:9094 or https://<sipXecs host name>:9095 will fail. This new behavior is to solve XX-6804.

Fortunately this default behavior is reversible in order to help troubleshoot XMPP issues.

When the sipXecs service starts (for example: /etc/init.d/sipxecs start) it will ensure that access to the Open admin console is disabled.

Enabling the Openfire admin console

To enable Openfire admin console access, one can simply run these command line interface (CLI) commands and restart Openfire: -a enable
sipxproc -k SipXopenfire
sipxproc -s SipXopenfire

Disabling the Openfire admin console

There are two ways to disable Openfire admin console access once it has been enabled:

1) From the CLI: -a disable
sipxproc -k SipXopenfire
sipxproc -s SipXopenfire

2) Restart the sipXecs service:

/etc/init.d/sipxecs restart