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  • Patton SN4970/1E24V known good faxing config
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# #
# SN4960/1E24V #
# R6.4 2013-07-12 H323 RBS SIP #
# 2020-12-20T02:40:53 #
# SN/00A0BA06224A #
# Generated configuration file #
# #

cli version 3.20
clock local default-offset -08:00
dns-client server
webserver port 80 language en
sntp-client server primary port 123 version 4
sntp-client server secondary port 123 version 4
sntp-client poll-interval 36000
sntp-client local-clock-offset
system hostname smi001.local


ic voice 0
pcm law-select uLaw

clock-source 1 e1t1 0 0

profile r2 default

profile napt NAPT_WAN
profile napt NAPT

profile ppp default

profile call-progress-tone US_Dialtone
play 1 1000 350 -13 440 -13

profile call-progress-tone US_Alertingtone
play 1 2000 440 -19 480 -19
pause 2 4000

profile call-progress-tone US_Busytone
play 1 500 480 -24 620 -24
pause 2 500

profile call-progress-tone defaultQuiettone
pause 1 50
pause 2 50
pause 3 3000

profile tone-set default
no map call-progress-tone hold-tone

profile tone-set US
map call-progress-tone dial-tone US_Dialtone
map call-progress-tone ringback-tone US_Alertingtone
map call-progress-tone busy-tone US_Busytone
map call-progress-tone release-tone US_Busytone
map call-progress-tone congestion-tone US_Busytone
map call-progress-tone hold-tone defaultQuiettone

profile voip default
codec 1 g711ulaw64k rx-length 20 tx-length 20
codec 2 g711alaw64k rx-length 20 tx-length 20
media detection-timeout 10
fax transmission 1 relay t38-udp
fax transmission 2 bypass g711ulaw64k rx-length 10 tx-length 10
fax redundancy low-speed 1 high-speed 1
fax volume -16.0
fax max-bit-rate 9600
fax detection fax-frames

profile voip PROF-VOIP-SIPX
codec 1 g711ulaw64k rx-length 20 tx-length 20
codec 2 g711alaw64k rx-length 20 tx-length 20
rtp traffic-class local-default
ced net-side-detection fallback
no fax error-correction

profile pstn default

profile sip default
no autonomous-transitioning

profile dhcp-server DHCPS_LAN
include 1
lease 2 hours
default-router 1
domain-name-server 1

profile aaa default
method 1 local
method 2 none

context ip router

interface LAN
tcp adjust-mss rx mtu
tcp adjust-mss tx mtu

interface WAN
tcp adjust-mss rx mtu
tcp adjust-mss tx mtu

context ip router
route 0

context cs switch
digit-collection timeout 4

routing-table called-e164 TAB_OUT
route .%T dest-interface IF_SIPX
route 8255 dest-interface IF_SIPX STIP-ALL
route 8805 dest-interface IF_SIPX STIP-ALL

routing-table called-e164 TAB_IN
route default dest-service OUTBOUND

mapping-table called-e164 to called-e164 STIP-ALL
map default to ""
map 8255 to 7255
map 8805 to 7339

interface isdn IF_PRI_1
route call dest-table TAB_OUT
use profile tone-set US
caller-name send-information-following

interface sip IF_SIPX
bind context sip-gateway GW-SIP
route call dest-interface IF_PRI_1
remote 5060
address-translation outgoing-call from-header user-part call host-part fix
address-translation incoming-call calling-e164 from-header
address-translation incoming-call calling-uri from-header
address-translation incoming-call calling-name from-header
use profile voip PROF-VOIP-SIPX

service hunt-group OUTBOUND
drop-cause normal-unspecified
drop-cause no-circuit-channel-available
drop-cause network-out-of-order
drop-cause temporary-failure
drop-cause switching-equipment-congestion
drop-cause access-info-discarded
drop-cause circuit-channel-not-available
drop-cause resources-unavailable
route call 1 dest-interface IF_PRI_1

context cs switch
no shutdown

location-service SIPX_SERVER
domain 1 "smi001-01-tel01.smi001.local "

context sip-gateway GW-SIP

interface IF_SIPX
bind interface LAN context router port 5060

context sip-gateway GW-SIP
bind location-service SIPX_SERVER
no shutdown

context sip-gateway sip

port ethernet 0 0
medium auto
encapsulation ip
bind interface LAN router
no shutdown

port ethernet 0 1
medium auto
bind interface WAN router
no shutdown

port e1t1 0 0
port-type t1
clock slave
linecode b8zs
framing esf
encapsulation q921

uni-side user
encapsulation q931

protocol ni2
uni-side user
bchan-number-order ascending-cyclic
channel-range 0 22
encapsulation cc-isdn
bind interface IF_PRI_1 switch

port e1t1 0 0
no shutdown

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