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Contacting Support

eZuce Support can be contacted in the following 3 ways:

Support Services

Premium Support:  eZuce Premium Support Services operates Monday through Friday, 2:00am – 8:00pm ET for Severity Level 1 - 3 events in accordance with your  Support Service Agreement - Exhibit A.  eZuce Premium Support Services will close during US national holidays.

Extended Support:  eZuce Extended Support provides 24/7/365 coverage for environments that require comprehensive around the clock support.  eZuce Extended Support Services will NOT close during US national holidays.

Please check your Support Service Level.

Understanding Severity Levels

Severity 1 (Critical)

Service disruption which impacts production users of the system caused by some component of the system which cannot be immediately remediated by the actions of the end user support team.

A substantial number of end points (phones, gateways) cannot place calls, voicemail, auto-attendant, or other media functions are not operating.

Service affecting issue that has multiple customers experiencing a service disruption.

Severity 2 (Major)

A major element of system functionality is unavailable or unstable, and has no apparent workaround.

Severity 3 (Minor)

A minor aspect of system functionality is unavailable or unstable for a subset of users, request for information, feature request.

Tier Specific Services

Tier 1 Support:  Level 1-2 technical support direct to the end user by eZuce Technical Center when partner support is not available.  Analysis of End User or  Authorized Reseller problem.  Isolation of problem to system components (network, eZuce Subscription, certified OS or certified server of SIP hardware or application, etc.)  Delivery and installation of fix for problems isolated to eZuce Subscription, certified OS or certified server of SIP hardware or application to End-User or Authorized Reseller.  Simple and complex configuration assistance.  Customer upgrade support.  Physical level problem isolation and resolution.  Interoperability problem isolation.

Tier 3 Support:  Tier 3 technical support direct to eZuce partners or end users (support recipient) for back up to level 1-2 technical support.  Tier 3 Support is available to partners and end users with valid L1-2 support capabilities as designed in the eZuce “Customer Contact” section of the Support Agreement.  Analysis of problems isolated to eZuce Software, certified OS or certified server or SIP hardware or application.  Creation and documentation of solutions(s) or work-around(s) for problems isolated to eZuce Software, certified OS or certified server or work-around(s) is provided, creation  of permanent solution to problems isolated to eZuce Subscription, certified OS or certified server or SIP hardware application.  Lab Duplication, analysis and fix of frequent or consistent configuration problems as reported by support recipient and determined by eZuce.  Release development and verification, release documentation and release MOPs, if any.  Lab duplication, analysis and fix of frequent or consistent field problems as reported by support recipient and determined by eZuce.  Lab duplication, analysis and fix of frequent or consistent interoperability problems as reported by support recipient and determined by eZuce..

Support Account Help

Create a User Account

Each customer can have as many user accounts as they'd like. Use the following link to create your own user account:

Step 1Create a new user

Step 2: Once you have created the account, please contact to have that account added to the customer's group.

Reset your password

Forgot your password? We all do that from time to time. Click on the link below to reset it:

Forgot your password?

eZuce Technical Notices

Users can subscribe themselves to the list and also remove themselves from the list. Anybody can subscribe to the list.

To subscribe, send an email to
To unsubscribe, send an email to

All messages will have the following footer information to make it easy for users to unsubscribe:
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

Tips For Faster Support Response

Here are some tips for a faster response from the eZuce support team (TAC) please provide the following:

  • Detailed Problem Description
  • Snapshot Covering the Time of the Incident
  • Call Packet Capture (optional)

Detailed Problem Description

Try to provide as much detail as possible. The more information the support team has to work with, the less likely they will have to ask for more information.

For example, instead of stating:

"Bob, on extension 204, can't transfer a call to Sally on extension 205."

Provide significantly more detail by stating something like:

"Bob (extension 204) received a call from 555-321-1234 at approximately 10:30 AM EST, which he then answered. Bob attempted to perform a blind transfer to Sally (extension 205) but was prompted on her handset, "Cannot Complete Transfer".

Note how the time that the incident occurred is important. This helps the support team track down the issue by narrowing the timeframe.

Snapshot Covering the Time of the Incident

The following steps will ensure a good quality snapshot for TAC to work with:

  • Turn up logging to 'Info' for services
  • Reproduce the problem
  • Take a snapshot as soon as possible

Instructions for using the Upload Server: eZuce File Server

Call Packet Capture

Packet captures can be done with Wireshark, done on certain Phones (Polycom) or could be done on the eZuce Uniteme Server itself (Network Packet Capture Services, or tcpdump).

How to Take a Snapshot

The Uniteme system includes a tool, sipx-snapshot whose purpose is to collect all the information that an expert needs to diagnose configuration and interoperability problems. When eZuce Support tells you they need "a snapshot" of your configuration, they mean the output of this tool (which is a compressed tar file).

The Admin Console web user interface includes the ability to generate a snapshot that you can download. To access the snapshot tool, login as 'superadmin' and navigate to Diagnostics -> Snapshot.

If you have just reproduced the issue, the default of 10% of the log files should be sufficient. If you are unsure when the issue occurred you can grab up to a 99% snapshot.

The larger the percentage of log files is and the busier the system is (number of users + number of calls) the larger the snapshot will be.

Snapshot Tips

Turn Up Logging

Before taking a snapshot, ensure that logging for various components is turned up to at least 'Info'. We would normally recommend SIP Proxy (System -> SIP Proxy) at a minimum. If you are having trouble with external calling and your gateway is of type SIP Trunk, also turn up logging to 'INFO' for sipXbridge (Devices -> SIP Trunk SBCs).

Command Line Options

Some additional options (which are generally not needed except for special circumstances) are available through the command line interface. To see the options and description, execute:

sipx-snapshot --help

Uploading to the eZuce File server

If requested by the support team, you may upload your snapshots/traces to the eZuce File server. For more information please visit the eZuce File Server page.

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