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Playing Audio or Video into a Meeting 

Vibe has the ability to broadcast Audio or Video files directly into a meeting as a separate camera. This unique feature allows for an excellent audio or video experience for remote parties.

We'll describe each of the controls by referencing the number shown above. 

1 - Audio/Video Position indicator - The position indicator moves as the audio or video is being played. The user can drag the position indicator to change the playback position.

2 - Play Button - Once a file is loaded press the Play button to begin playback. Broadcasting to the meeting, however, is controlled by #6. The Play button will change to a Pause button when the media is playing.

3 - Stop Button - This will stop playback and return to the beginning of the media file.

4 - Sound Output Button - Click on this to mute or unmute audio.

5 - Volume Slider - The user broadcasting media to the meeting can control the volume of the media for all parties.

6 - Broadcast Button - Broadcast of the media to the rest of the meeting does not start until the broadcast button has been pressed. This allows the user to position within the audio or video where they'd like to begin.

7 - Loop Button - Play the media file in a loop continuously.

8 - File Folder Button - Click the file folder button to select the audio or video file for playback. A text list of media files can also be selected to play a series of files.

9 - Lenght of Media / Position - The length of the media file time as well as the time position in the media.

10 - Playback Settings - Seen below, this allows the user to control the quality of the playback to the audience. Frame Rate, Bandwidth and Resolution can all be controlled for the remote parties. A checkbox is also there to show the quality of the transmitted video locally.

11 - Full-Screen Button - Set the video playback tool to full screen.

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