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Tested with Android 6.0.1 on Nexus 6 operating on Verizon & Wifi


SIP Calling has been part of Android for quite a while but is was always sort of 'broken' when it came to using it with sipXcom. Well, SIP Calling finally seems to be working better in Android 6.0!

Utilizing the integrated dialer in Android makes for a smoother user experience vs. changing back and forth between the dialer and a softphone dialer.

Configuring SIP on Android 6.0 and later

Find and launch the dialer on your phone:


Once in the Dialer click on the application menu (three button) icon as shown in the screenshot below:


Click on the 'Settings' menu item as shown below:


In the Settings menu click on the 'Calls' menu item:


Click on 'Calling accounts' in the Call settings menu:


To add a new SIP account, click on 'SIP accounts' as shown below. If you already have SIP accounts defined, they will be listed below your carrier's settings (masked in green below).

Other Settings on this page:

Make calls with - Specify which account you want to make calls with first. The options for 'Make calls with' are the accounts listed below it or 'Ask first'. Selecting 'Ask first' will prompt the user each time they place a call to select the appropriate account.

All calling accounts - If you have multiple SIP accounts specified, select which accounts are allowed to make outbound calls.

SIP accounts - This is where you can create your SIP accounts.

Use SIP Calling - Options here are 'For all calls' or 'Only for SIP calls'. This will allow the user to use their Cell for all outbound calls unless when dialing you enter a SIP URI (or select a SIP number from one of your contacts).

Receive incoming calls - This check box does what it says. Allows incoming calls on SIP accounts. And yes, the warning is accurate in that it uses more battery life.


On the SIP accounts page you'll see any SIP accounts you've already created and you can click on them to modify them or click on the '+' to add a new account.


The SIP account details screen has the following options (touch 'Optional settings' to see all available settings):

Username - Enter your sipXcom username (extension typically) here

Password - Enter your SIP password here (not your user password, not your PIN)

Server - Enter the FQDN of your server here (SRV records do not work, if you have a HA setup, you'll need to pick a server or have a SBC setup to connect through. An issue has been opened against it Android Issue ID 184088.)

Authentication username - Leave blank

Display name - How you want other system users to see your name when you call.

Outbound proxy address - Leave blank

Port number - 5060

Transport type - TCP or UDP (TCP is preferred now)

Send keep-alive - Set to 'Always send'

Once you make settings changes always click on the 'SAVE' button at the top of the page!




To setup SIP extensions on your contacts, go into the Contacts app, edit your contact and select 'More fields' at the bottom of the page, this will then reveal the SIP calling address. Enter the user's SIP URI (extension@FQDN remember, it's not smart enough for SRV records).

To be able to just enter system extensions you'll need to tell the call application to make calls with your SIP account first, or select 'Always ask' as described above.

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