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Nortel Secure Router 2330

The Nortel Secure Router 2330 provides IPv4/IPv6 routing, survivable SIP-PSTN gateway, WAN connectivity and security services in a cost-effective modular platform.
It supports a variety of voice interfaces including T1/E1, BRI, FXS, FXO, DID and CAMA.
For more information see Nortel Web site

Nortel SR2330 SIP-PSTN gateway configuration for sipX

Please refer to Nortel SR2330 User Guide on detailed information on how to configure SR2330 SIP-PSTN Gateway feature. The examples below are intended to provide guidance regarding configuration of SR2330 for use with sipX server in specific application. The SR2330 configuration for each installation should match the network connectivity and requirements for that installation.

Configuring connectivity to sipX server

Configure connectivity to sipX server. Assuming FE 0/1 port.

interface ethernet 0/1
ip address

Configuring SIP server and registrar

Assign SIP domain (must match sipX configuration, eg.

sip ua

Configuring SIP listen IP address and port

Configure SIP listen or "bind" IP address and port. Assuming FE 0/1 port connected to sipX server.

voice service voip
bind all ipv4:

Configuring a FXS port to connect an analog phone

Configure a FXS port, 2/1, to connect an analog phone with extension 1000. The SIP password 1234
(need to be same password as configured in sipX for phone number 1000)

voice-port 2/1
signal loop-start
no shutdown
station number 1000

dial-peer voice pots 1

destination-pattern 1000
forward-digits all
port 2/1
authentication 1000 1234
no shutdown
register e164

Configuring a T1 port to connect to a PSTN switch

Configure a T1 PRI port, 4/1, to connect to PSTN switch. All calls with prefix 408 are routed
to this link. To receive and send calls from the sipX server to SR2330 PSTN trunks, one must
add SR2330 as a gateway to the sipX using sipX configuration server web user interface. A dial
plan also need to be added to sipx server to route the calls to SR2330 SIP-PSTN gateway trunks.

interface bundle pri1
link pri_t1 4/1 voice
side USR
switch-type primary-5ess

dial-peer voice pots 10

destination-pattern 408.%
port 4/1
no shutdown