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Supported Models And Features

Karel IP11x Series Phones are supported as plug & play managed devices with their most important phone and line parameter settings.

Those SIP based IP11x Series Phones provide HD voice quality and full-dublex handsfree support.

IP11x Series Phones

The IP111 Phone supports 2 lines.

The IP112 Phone supports 3 lines.

The IP116 Phone supports 6 lines.

IP111 Phones

The User Guide of Karel IP111 Phone is given in a pdf file.

User Guide of Karel IP111 (Turkish)

IP112 Phones

The User Guide of Karel IP112 Phone is almost same with that of IP116.
It supports 3 lines, LCD resolution is of 132x64, and has no Quick Dial Panel (10 buttons).

IP116 Phones

The User Guide of Karel IP116 Phone is given in a pdf file.

User Guide of Karel IP116 (Turkish)

How to plug & play IP11x Series Phones 

When the Phone is in its factory defaults one can follow the steps below in order to perform an automated plug & play registration to sipXecs and its own auto configuration.

1) From the sipXecs ConfigServer administration web UI;

  -- click on Devices -> Phones and then select one of the Karel IP11x Phones from the Add new phone... drop-down box.
  -- create a phone with MAC address in the "Serial number" edit box.
  -- then add line to the phone and edit the setting parameters,
  -- in Devices -> Phones place a check mark next to the created phone and click on the "Send Profiles" button.
2) Check that MAC address of the phone is DHCP registered.
Check also that tftp option at DHCP server addresses your sipXecs IP address where the configuration files need to be downloaded.

3) Plug the phone into the LAN and power it on. It automatically registers itself to sipXecs and retrieves the configuration file from sipXecs tftproot. 

Known Issues / Configuration Notes




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