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LG-Nortel, a joint venture between LG and Nortel, launched a new, fully featured and very attractive line of SIP phones. Starting with release 3.8 of sipXecs, these phones are plug & play managed through the sipX configuration server. The 6800 series IP Phones are designed to enable real- time voice communication over SIP networks. LG-Nortel offers a broad array of SIP terminals from the basic 6804 lobby phone, to the 6830 manager phone, the 6800 series phones address the needs of your office communications. Supported models include:

  • LIP-6804
  • LIP-6812
  • LIP-6830

Basic set features

  • Local configuration via keypad/LCD
  • S/W upgrade via TFTP
  • IP Addressing: static/dynamic IP (DHCP)
  • RTP/RFC2833 support
  • Caller ID
  • Four-way conferencing
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Message waiting lamp
  • Flexible feature mapping
  • Handset, headset, speakerphone, and ring volume control.
  • LCD contrast control
  • Music on hold
  • Hands-free dialing
  • Label for the programmed feature buttons
  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • G.711/G.729A voice codec
  • Acoustic echo canceller
  • PoE(Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3af compliant)

sipXecs features
Plug and Play support (*3.8 required)
Firmware management (*3.8 required)
Music on Hold support (*3.8 required)
Directory and speed dial configuration (*3.8 required)
Intercom and Paging support (*New 3.10)
BLF support (*New 3.10)

How to Configure

Set Configuration

The LG-Nortel 6800 sets maybe configured directly from the sets. Although this is not the easiest method it does give you lots of flexibility. The key items to configure are:

  • IP Address (Settings 1 then 2)
  • Subnet Mask (Settings 1 then 3)
  • Gateway (Settings 1 then 4)
  • Primary DNS Server (Settings 1 then 5)
  • TFTP Server Address (Settings 3 then 8 then 2)
  • All related SIP paramters for your user accounts

    LIP-6804 sets have no display so configuration is a little more challenging. The following shows how to configure the 6804 via the set:

    LIP-6812 and 6830 sets a display and full screen driven set of menus to help in configuration. The following shows the menu structure of the 6812/6830 via the set:

Web Configuration

The LG-Nortel 6800 sets have a local web based interface which maybe used for configuration. It is available as shown. User: private Password: lip

Button Labels

The 6800 series sets have paper labels that can be labeled.

Required Firmware

In order to utilize the LIP-6800 series sets the proper firmware must be used. The minimum firmware is version v1238 sp and is available here for download. Firmware version v1248sp-a is also available from resellers.  Using the standard sipX device file functionality the sets maybe upgraded.


Some useful troubleshooting tips for the LG-Nortel 6800 sets are:

  • If the set has been configured many times it has been seen it may need to be defaulted. Press Settings 6 on the set and reboot it to clear its configuration.
  • If the set isn't registerting or picking up the created phone profile from sipX config ensure the TFTP server address is setup on the set. When no Option 66 is setup in the DHCP network the phones must be told how to get the profile from the sipX server. This is done in Settings 3 then 8 then 2 on the telephone set.
  • The phone web interface provides a good mechanism to see all configuration parameters and change things as you go. See the web configuration section above.
  • If your BLF/Speed dial keys are not working ensure the name and number in sipX configuration are identical. There is an issue where these must match.
  • If updated device files are not uploading into sipXecs correctly, they can manually be copied to the directory /var/sipxdata/configserver/phone/profile/tftproot