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Login agent

On the system you've installed OpenACD onto, log into the web ui as an agent by going to the URL http://your-server-name:5050. Once in log into web ui, you will be able to sign in and out to take calls.  To actually get calls from FreeSWITCH media server to your phone, you must specify

VoIP Endpoint: PSTN Number

VoIP Endpoint Data:  Your full sip uri

NOTE: Make sure your FQDN that you enter for your sip uri matches your domain name (sipXconfig UI > System > Domain > Domain name). If it doesn't you will get an UNALLOCATED_NUMBER error from Freeswitch.

Ring Test

Place a call to into from any other phone than 201.  You should here your welcome message, then the guitar music in FreeSWITCH. Now from the agent web ui "Go Avaliable"

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