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New feature (since) 4.4 

Authorization codes allow a user to call a DID number (using an alias) or a internal extension via an Auto Attendant (also using an alias).

Add DID or internal number to the alias field for Authorization Codes (sipxconfig :: Users>Authorization codes), Call DID (or AA and choose option to deliver you to that alias. Alternately, from inside you can dial the feature code of "*81". Now create an authorization code and grant it the applicable permissions. You should be prompted to restart services when you do this (it will not work until you do so).

1. Call the system alias (did, AA with internal number or *82 if you are inside).

2.Immediately you will hear chime tones. This is when the "user" needs to enter their "access code" which you must create first, and complete the access code by pressing the "#" key.

3. The user will hear a ding, then they should be able to dial an internal extension or any phone number the permissions allow as if they were using a phone within the system.

It is best to leave the authorization codes empty if this is not a service you would frequently use if you have concerns about toll fraud, etc.


How to enable--

In 14.x and later, go to System>Servers (select your server)> Telephony Services

Enable Authorization Codes. if you are assigning a DID for outside callers to use this like DISA, assign it here as an alias. Internal callers can dial the alias or *82, outside callers should dial the alias. It should also be possible to set "*82" as destination from an existing auto attendant (i.e. press 9>dial number *82).

Now in Features (may have to refresh browser) add an authorization code and assign it permissions.


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