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sipXecs Version 14.04 and later

The version numbering and release cycle following 4.6 has shifted to a date based release number in an effort to have predictable feature release dates.

This numbering scheme is similar to Ubuntu and utilizes the last two digits of the year followed by the month of the release.  Starting with April 2015 release, releases will be monthly.

Feature releases will occur as they are ready.

April 2014 release will be numbered 14.04.

October 2014 release will be numbered 14.10.

April 2015 release will be numbered 15.04.


Bug fix releases will not be regularly scheduled but instead occur 'as needed' to address bugs that can not wait for feature releases.  These will be numbered sequentially.  The first bug fix release for 14.04 will be 14.04.1.  The second bug fix release for 14.04 will be 14.04.2, etc.

Product Management reserves the right to add Web type functionality to web applications (non-core communications features) in bug fixes.  It's important to be timely with new web functionality.

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