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  • How To Disable Default Softkeys And "Do Not Disturb" Feature
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In order to disable some or all softkeys (Forward, Hold, Transfer, etc) you need to take advantage of the Enhanced Feature Keys of the Polycom phones.

  1. Enable Enhanced Keys feature on the phone (Phone > Features > Check Enhanced Keys)
  2. Create a custom configuration file like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <version efk.version="2" />
       softkey.feature.split="0" />
  3. Upload the configuration file as an unmanaged (T)FTP device file. Activate.
  4. Go to Phones > [MAC] > Custom configuration, and write down in the field the name of the file you've just uploaded.
  5. Send profiles to the phone.


softkey.feature.basicCallManagement.redundant groups together Hold, Transfer, and Conference soft keys. Disabling it will disable ONLY THOSE KEYS THAT HAVE A CORRESPONDING HARD KEY. For instance, on a SPIP 335 phone it will disable just the HOLD key (you will still get TRANSFER and CONF keys, whereas on a SPIP 560 it will disable all three keys. On a VVX 500, it disable none, since it has no hard key for any of the three features.

Do Not Disturb

You may disable on the phone "Do not disturb" feature by enabling: Phones > [MAC] > Lines > [Line] > Registration > check serverFeatureControl.dnd. Send profiles.

Phone will reboot (or not depending on the model) but if you try to enable on the phone "Do not disturb" feature, nothing will happen. For instance on a SPIP 335 you go to Menu > Features > Do not disturb, or on a SPIP 560, press the "Do Not Disturb" hardkey.

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