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If you have been designated the administrator of a conference bridge, you can control virtually all operations of that conference bridge and all callers on that conference bridge.

Administer the conference bridge(s) assigned to you

  1. Click the My Information tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click Conferences. You will see a page similar to the following page:
  3. To be notified via IM when anyone enters the conference bridge, select the Conference Entry IM checkbox.
  4. To be notified via IM when anyone leaves the conference bridge, select the Conference Exit IM checkbox.
  5. To enable or disable the conference bridge, or to change the PIN number or maximum simultaneous callers allowed on the bridge:
    1. Select the name of the conference bridge you wish to modify. In the case of the above screenshot, Conf1. You will be brought to the conference configuration page:
    2. After you have finished modifying the settings, click OK to apply the settings and return to the conferences page.
  6. To view the participants in any of your designated conference bridges, click on the green arrow next to the number of active participants under the Participants column.
  7. From the active participants page, you can:
    • Invite new conference participants,
    • Isolate and Include active conference participants,
    • Mute and Un-Mute active conference participants, and
    • Disconnect active conference participants
  8. To administer the IM conference room that is paired with the audio conference bridge, select IM Chat Room
    1. If you do not wish for conference members to send IM messages to the IM conference, select the Moderated checknox.
    2. If you wish for the conference to be searchable, select the Public checkbox.
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