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  • Patton 4114 FXS 5.4 configuration with multiple user registrations on a line
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Here is a working configuration for a Patton 4114 FXS running 5.4 where the ports are used as inside POTS extensions.

Overview of setup

Each of the 4 FXS lines connect to simple legacy POTS devices. Some of these are in hunt groups under sipXecs and some not. The only slightly tricky part of this configuration was getting each line to send different caller ID.

The first line registers on two userids (205 and 233), the others on only one.


  • I have not been able to get MWI to work on attached devices. I know the phones on port 0 and 1 support MWI via FSK signalling by connecting them to a DTA from an ITSP that provides voicemail. The problem could easily be on the sipXecs configuration side, I just haven't hunted it down. What's in the configuration below is the state I left it at (which should work but isn't with sipXecs 4.2pre).
  • I haven't worked out a dial plan to force these to start the call earlier, there's a 5 second delay after dialing before the call is originated.