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  • ISDN Logging on AudioCodes Gateway
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The AudioCodes syslog can be used to capture ISDN messages (in hex format) between the gateway and the PSTN.

First we need to set the Mediant to send out a full syslog trace.  To do this go directly into the Mediant's web GUI and under the Management menu, click "Management Settings".  Set the syslog server IP address to the IP of the PC collecting the trace and enable the syslog.  Leave the port at default.  Wireshark can collect the syslogs on your PC.

You will also need to set the debug level to "5" (complete syslogs).  Click the "full" radio button and go to Configuation->Protocol Configuration-> SIP Advanced Parameters -> Advanced Parameters.  Set the Debug Level to 5.

We then need to Enable trunk tracing for the ISDN signaling.  Go to the FAE page of the Mediant (http:///FAE (http://%3cmediant_ip%3e/FAE)) and click the "Trunk Traces" option on the left side.  Set the drop down menus to "acFull_TRACE" for each trunk in question.

Lastly we need to set up a debug recording which will actually take this signaling data and send it to your PC running WireShark.  Go to the FAE page (http:///FAE (http://%3cmediant_ip%3e/FAE)) and click "Cmd Shell" on the left side.

Type the following commands, one at a time, into the command line field and hit Enter after each:



RTR ALL (removes any previous traces)

RT ALL (removes any previous trace targets)

AIT <IP_Address_of_Wireshark_PC> (adds your PC as the target for the debug recording packets)

AIPCT N2H SIP (send SIP traffic to target PC)

APST ISDN (send ISDN traffic to target PC)

START (begin trace)

Make sure you start WireShark BEFORE you enter the START command.  Once you start the trace with WireShark running, place your test call(s) and then save the trace as a pcap file.  Then enter the following on the same command line of the Mediant FAE page:




The resulting trace will contain the ISDN packets.

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