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4.6 and Later FAQ Questions

  • What is the current Polycom Firmware supported in sipXcom?

New features in 4.6 allow sipxecs to manage Polycom phones with three different Firmware versions.   For newer phones, including the VVX500 and VVX600, firmware version 4.1.5 split is the latest as of 9/9/2013.  It includes support for all VVX phones (except VVX1500), and the new video cameras.    Legacy phones are supported with firmware version 3.1.3, while the rest of the phones such as the SPIP335, 450, 650, 670 are supported with 4.0.3F or earlier releases.

  • How do I reset/clear all sipxcom configurations and start from Scratch

4.6   From the Linux command line,  run "/etc/init.d/sipxconfig db drop", "mongodb-repair --obliterate" and then "sipxecs-setup --reset-all" 

4.6 update 7, the following changes are required -  the "mondodb-repair --obliterate" is replaced with "mongodb-admin --host_port OBLITERATE"

4.6 update 10, the following is confirm from an engineering resource (Thanks George!):

      • service sipxecs stop
      • ps -ef | grep sipx
      • Kill all processes owned by sipx that are still running - cfengine as one example
      • kill -9 above processes identified
      • service mongod stop
      • rm -rf /var/lib/mongodb/*
      • sipxecs-setup --reset-all


  • What is the Arbiter?

The Arbiter is a feature of Mongodb.  In the event that your master server is lost, Mongodb will vote for a new master server.  If there is only one server, or an even amount of servers left, then the Arbiter functions as a tie-breaker so one server can take over as the master database for the system.  A detailed description can be found here.

Arbiter is NOT required.   Example - you could have two sipXecs servers and an Arbiter, or you could have three sipXecs servers in your HA environment.

  • How can I play around with Mongo CLI?

How To ... ?

  • I have wrong CDR timestamp in admin portal

There is a bug in 4.6.0 update 6 - CDRs in admin portal are in UTC. It is addressed in update 7.
In 4.6.0 update 6 multiple time zones feature was introduced.


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