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Speed dial and/or BLF (busy lamp field) entries can be defined on a per user basis or per user groups, by the system administrator, and will be assigned to phones capable of speed dialing.

In case you decide to use the speed dials and/or BLF entries your system administrator set for your group, enable the ‘Only use Group Speed Dials’ option. Please note that enabling this option will delete all your existing Speed Dials and replace them with the Group Speed Dials.

In case you wish to set your own speed dial/BLF entries, disabled the Group Speed Dials option and click the ‘+’ control. For each entry you need to add the following information:




Subscribe to presence

Name that will appear on your phone speed dial button

Extension number of the speed dial/BLF entry

Unchecked = Speed Dial

Checked = BLF

When choosing the name make sure that it can be displayed by the phone or attendant console you are using.

Once you’ve defined your speed dials, you have two options:

  1. Save - these entries will be saved for future use;
  2. Save and update phone(s) - your phone(s) will be updated with the new profile(s). Your phone(s) may reboot during this process.
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