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Jira #JIRA NameRN ContentEnhancement/Fix/Known IssueKey words
SIPX-753Add support for Polycom VVX 150, 250, 350 and 450Polycom is adding some new VVX phones to their lineup.

This is mostly a hardware refresh. Firmware 5.8.x and later supported.
SIPX-755Add alarm for Certificate expirationAdd a system alarm called Certificate_Expiration that generates an alarm at 2 weeks before any system certificate is to expire.EnhancementAlarms
SIPX-758Missing user and password field for Grandstream https conf file authenticationAn administrator would like to use an external provisioning server that serves profiles trough https using user password authentication, the problem is that in the profiles for the upgrade section there are options for user and password for firmware but not for config which needs to bee kept safe more than firmware.EnhancementGrandstream
SIPX-763Alarms should be grouped and in alphabetical orderAlarms in the administration portal should be logically grouped and in alphabetical order, so that related alarms can be displayed adjacent to each other. Now the order seems random and it is hard to find anything except by searching. Alphabetical ordering would put for example


next to each other, and so on, since the alarm name is hierarchical. Same for MONGO alarms and so on.
SIPX-766Make mongodb cache size configurableMake mongodb cache size configurable in Admin GUI. System -> Database -> Settings. This is beneficial for systems with small amounts of memory.EnhancementMongoDB
SIPX-780upgrade mongodb to 3.6.9Upgrade mongodb to version 3.6.9 as resilience is improved.

Tests for a customer who wants to upgrade to 3.6 revealed that the upgrade from 3.4 to 3.6 is straightforward and can be done in place. This will also fix, among others, an issue where Mongo could not recover sometimes after the machine was shut down forcibly / powered off and the only solution was to delete the database and database files and replicate again. This was due to an empty storage.bson file: 

The 3.6 version also adds performance improvements. 

"Always-on write availability 
Retryable writes reduces the error handling you have to implement in your code. The MongoDB drivers will now automatically retry write operations in the event of transient network errors or primary replica elections, while the server enforces exactly-once semantics." 

Recommended version by Mongo developers is 3.6.9, tested OK, storage.bson bug seems fixed, tested by multiple power offs of nodes, reelections run smoothly and cluster comes back online with improved speed vs. 3.4 version, even before all services are loaded. 

SIPX-781Enable autoprovisioning of new Polycom VVX 150,250,350 and 450 phonesThe new Polycom VVX 150,250,350 and 450 phones fail to autoprovision. Investigation has found that the system does not generate configuration files because it does not recognize the user agent.

"2018-12-20T12:43:06.694000Z":262::INFO:centos7.iuliu.test:SocketListener1-1:00000000:Servlet:"GET /64167f3a750d-sipx-applications.cfg User-Agent: FileTransport PolycomVVX-VVX_450-UA/ Type/Application"
"2018-12-20T12:43:06.695000Z":263::DEBUG:centos7.iuliu.test:SocketListener1-1:00000000:Servlet:"Un-recognized user-agent or path. Redirecting to sipXconfig."

With manual generation of configuration files the phones work fine.

It seems that the servlet source code should be updated:


No. of lines:

VVX 150: 2
VVX 250: 4
VVX 350: 6
VVX 450: 12
SIPX-782Clean up and update Polycom config filesConfig file templates for Polycom phones are outdated and give out many errors.EnhancementPolycom
SIPX-783CF engine doesn't trigger when Admin Settings are changed changed in UIChanging SELinux setting in UI doesn't trigger CF engine to modify /etc/selinux/config file.FixConfig
SIPX-784Wrong title in About windowThere is a wrong title in About window.FixConfig
SIPX-791Enhancement: remove user from phone automatically and send profiles upon deletionAs summary describes, enhancement request to automatically remove the user from any assigned phones upon being deleted from sipxconfig. 

Should also be the case with LDAP if user is set to be deleted or suspended from the system.

Should also remove any shared lines or lines with presence subscribed.

When the administrator deletes a user, the administrator should be prompted letting them know that the user will be deleted from the system and removed from any system managed phones.
SIPX-792Populate SIP Domain in the Outbound Proxy field of Shared Lines for HAIn an HA cluster, the Phone->SIP Lines->Outbound proxy field must be provisioned with the SIP domain name (e.g. when server names are for shared lines, and not the Phones->MAC Address->SIP Servers-> Servers field. Otherwise failover to the secondary servers for private and shared lines to the secondary servers does not work when the primary server is down. 

In the Polycom Release 5 system administration panel, follow the setup for the Genband MADN-SCA features. The reg.x.outboundproxy.address should be used as the IP address of the SIP server for shared lines.
SIPX-801TFTP service not properly configured on CentOS 7TFTP service is not properly configured on CentOS 7 version. It starts in a wrong root directory and doesn't serve config files. FixConfig
UC-4540zen 7181: voicemail fwd with comment to emailCustomer requested an improvement to the voicemail -> email forwarding:

"It looks like if you press 5 to forward a copy of a voicemail, and record additional comments, and the destination mailbox has email forwarding enabled, then the email that gets sent out with the voicemail attached doesn't contain the comments. If you check the forwarded message using the phone you hear the comments, but the WAV file attached to the email doesn't have the comments."
UC-4624zen 7314 : http provisioning option to dhcp configAn administrator would like to easily configure our dhcp service to add http provisioning options. Customer requested .. :

If I check the box "Polycom HTTPS provisioning" in System -> DHCP, there is a new line in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf:

option option-160 "https://sipxecs.

When I uncheck that box, that line disappears, so the phone appears to use FTP. It would be good to have a 3rd option to use http, and wondering if that should be the default option.

Another thing I discovered, when I uncheck User -> Hoteling -> Enable, then try to log in to a phone, the log says hoteling is not enabled for the user, but it the phone still logs them in fine:

procaresystems"Getting configuration for phone:64167f083e6b; user:1341"
procaresystems"Hoteling is not enabled for user: 1341"

I'm guessing maybe the configuration files don't get deleted. Any suggestions on this, or can we file a JIRA?

I was able to get hoteling to work for the users that wouldn't work, I'm not sure how though. It doesn't seem to be related to being a Reach agent or the group it was in, I didn't change those, but there was an old Jitsi phone provisioned that may have interfered (it was named the same as the user).
UC-4741zen 7856 / 7858 - 18.04 postgresql password change causes issuesCustomer upgraded to 18.04 and changed postgresql password in system -> admin. This seems to have broken hotel. Advised customer to remove postgresql password, which fixed hotel, but broke CDR. Dev requested from customer ..

"callresolver log says: 

redhat"cse_reader.rb:: Loss of connection to database #<struct DatabaseUrl database=\"SIPXCDR\", port=5432, host=\"
redhat\", adapter=\"postgresql\", username=\"postgres\", password=\"\"> - retrying to connect after sleep"
redhat"cse_reader.rb:: Loss of connection to database #<struct DatabaseUrl database=\"SIPXCDR\", port=5432, host=\"
redhat\", adapter=\"postgresql\", username=\"postgres\", password=\"\"> - retrying to connect after sleep"

password used by callresolver is retrieved from: config.fetch('SIP_CALLRESOLVER_DB_PASSWORD', '')

so we need also file: /etc/sipxpbx/callresolver-config

specifically, field: SIP_CALLRESOLVER_DB_PASSWORD"

.. and customer replied :
That was the issue, seems password removal was not propagated.

On core: 

but few servers had 
password =

sipxagent fixed it.
UC-4751CSR has the wrong organization nameWhen using the Uniteme WebUI to create a CSR it ignores the user input for the organization and inputs the default instead. See attached images for example.FixConfig
UC-4778sipxagent.log does not have timestampsThe cfengine sipxagent.log does not have timestamps, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot. There should be timestamps added to the log, otherwise we are just guessing what happened when. This can be achieved by adding -l (low case L) or --timestamp optionEnhancementConfig
UC-4798apache rewrites and provisioning filesWhen attempting to download custom configuration files phones will get a different result depending on the path specified in dhcp option 160. For example, phone will get a different result depending on the path requested from /phoneprov/custom.cfg to /custom.cfg.FixConfig