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At the top of the Bookings window clicking on the 'Create' tab will allow you to Book a meeting directly from the Vibe client instead of needing to do it through

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Community lets you specify which community you will book the meeting in (if you belong to multiple Communities this would be relevant).

Meeting Title is the title of the meeting.

Password would be a PIN required for meeting entry. This should be a 4 digit PIN consisting of only numbers.

Duration is the length of time this meeting room will be valid for.

Email confirmation if checked will email the meeting confirmation to youAccess PIN is a 4 digit number that can be used to secure a meeting. Meeting participants would have to know this PIN to get into a meeting. It's limited to 4 digits for backwards compatibility with H.323 systems.

Moderator Key is a PIN that a moderator would use to access a meeting.

Type of meeting:

    Open Meeting - This is the standard type of meeting room.

    Broadcast - Like a Plenary Session but with no feedback from the audience allowed.

    Plenary Session - This is a Webinar type of session where there's a presenter and users can raise their hands to ask questions. They can be promoted to presenters and turn on their mic/camera as well.

    Classroom - Identical to a Plenary Session.

Application Tabs: Web applications you'd like to have opened in Vibe desktop client when entering the meeting.

Private Booking if selected will display a method to search for community members to directly send them invitations to this new meeting.

Meeting Time:

    Now - Creates a meeting and starts it immediately.

    Scheduled - Schedule a one time or recurring meeting for some time and length in the future.

Click on 'Create' once the form is complete to create the new meeting.