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Table of Contents

Symptoms and problem description

Use this list of questions to clarify the issue you are experiencing with Vibe.

  • Is the problem related to a single Participant/Client or group of participants? Specify those that work correctly and those that don’t.  What exactly happens?  Is it audio or video related?
  • Is the problem related to a particular meeting or period of time during the meeting?
  • Has the meeting or client worked correctly before, but is not working now?
  • What has changed on the system or network that might contribute to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem?  What unique conditions cause the problem?

Meeting and participant description

  • Meeting ID #
  • Date and Time
  • Participant’s username and their physical location

Device details

What specific device and software is being used when the condition occurs?

  • Describe the device and client version

    • Using Vibe pulldown menu, select About to see the client version

  • Operating System and Version

    • For Windows use the control panel – system information

    • For phone or tablet, provide the system information under settings

  • Device Hardware specifics: such as i5 or i7, number of CPUs, etc.

  • Camera and Speakers being used if applicable

  • Network connection (LAN, WiFi, LTE 4G) and possibly the protocol (UDP or TCP) if applicable.

  • Whether it is Virtual machine on top of the real OS

  • How much RAM is on the machine (available for VM).

  • How many monitors are attached to the machine.

  • If it is call in from H323/SIP device - what is the model, what is the IP address of H323 device to connect to, or what is the room alias for tests.

Send information to eZuce support

Obtain the Log files from the affected system(s). 


Zip the answers to all these questions and all log files for the affected time period and send them to for problem resolution.

Notes about Log Files

Log file name should be Vibe.log and it should be at:
 - Linux: /tmp
 - Mac: in terminal window: