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Be sure to back this file up before editing. Changes to this file affect all Polycom phones that are configured in sipXecssipXcom. Proceed with caution. This XML snippet must be between the <sip></sip> tags which are at the top and bottom of the configuration file. I recommend placing the XML close to the bottom so it is easy to manage.


The template for newer phones within sipxecs sipXcom 4.6 has a tab under the phone configuration, or phone group configuration for adding a customer Polycom file.   At that tab, enter the name of a custom Polycom file that contains your customer ringtones.  


This will allow you to change the web and telephone keypad passwords for admin (default is 456) and User (default is 123) on the Polycom phones. Tested with Polycom firmware version 4.0.4 and sipXecs sipXcom version 4.6 Update 8.

  • Log into server command line interface.
  • With your favorite text editor, create /var/sipxdata/configserver/phone/profile/tftproot/passwords.cfg
  • The file should look like the following:


Code Block
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<device device.set="1"/>
  <auth device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword="your_user_pwd"/>
  <auth device.auth.localUserPassword.set="1" device.auth.localUserPassword="your_user_pwd"/>


  • Save your file.
  • In the sipXecs sipXcom web interface, you can apply this to phones individually or to groups in the Custom Configuration field. If that field is blank, input just the filename you created above (not the entire path); if you already have other custom config files, you can append this to the list.
  • Save, send profiles and restart phones.