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sipXcom 14.10 and later

sipx-trace is back with the inclusion of the sipxtools package.

sipXcom 4.6.0 and 14.04

sipXecs has Homer integrated.  Homer captures all SIP traffic all the time.


To access Homer, login to sipXecs as an administrator, click on Diagnostics an select SIP Capture.  On the SIP Capture page, the web interface is accessible from a hyperlink in the upper right of the page.  Login to Homer with an administrator privileged account by default.

sipXcom Version 4.4.0 & earlier

"sipx-network-trace" is a easy to use, command line based diagnosis tool. It captures network traffic into trace files and those trace files can be reviewed later with any pcap parsing tool, such as wireshark.

  • Synopsis  

       sipx-network-trace [xecsuserV4r2:-i <interface>] [xecsuserV4r2:-f <output file>] [xecsuserV4r2:-s <file size x 1,000,000 bytes>] [xecsuserV4r2:-r <number of files>] [xecsuserV4r2:-t <seconds to run>] start|stop|status 

  • Parameters

  •        -i <interface>  
    Interface name such as eth0, eth1 on which the tool is listening. The tool listens on all the interfaces if the interface is not defined.