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  • How to import contacts from Google Accounts

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A new 4.2 sipxecs feature is the ability to import contacts from Google Accounts. This can be done from both admin and user portal - admin can import contacts in a public phonebook (shared by multiple users within an user group) while a regular user can import contacts only to his/her private phonebook.


There are some prerequisites needed in order to use Google Account import feature:

- if running sipXconfig from behind a proxy without authentication, the admin should make sure that the ports are accessible

- Verisign Class 3 CA should be imported in sipXconfig trusted store (so sipXconfig to recognize CA ). This can be accomplished either within sipXconfig (recommended) or using JDK's keytool utility

  • import certificate within sipXconfig: navigate to System > Certificates > Certificate Authorities tab. Download attached verisignclass3ca.crt file and use it to upload in "Certificate" field. After importing, the certificate gets validated and a screen like the one below is displayed:
    After the "Keep" button is accessed, Verisign Class 3 CA is added and displayed in sipXconfig known CA's list. You will also be prompted to restart config service and registrar in order for the newly imported CA to be picked up.
  • import certificate using keytool utility: one can directly use keytool utility to import the attached verisignclass3ca.cer certificate
Code Block
keytool -importcert -alias equifaxsecureca -file  verisignclass3ca.cer \