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 In 2015, the Personal Auto Attendant for each extension was enhanced with a feature that allows you to disable the ability to leave a message.  IF you disable to ability to leave a message, and use the options in the Personal Auto Attendant, it effectively operates like an auto attendant, minus a few features like schedule, etc.   You can assign it as a new extension, and you could give it a name rather than numeric extension number, and give them access to that extension for their auto attendant, giving them full access to that particular extension only.   You could get creative and use the schedule for the extension to forward directly to the voicemail during required time of day with the schedule, and forward to other scenarios at different times.  This addition really changes how you can use these extensions with voicemail.

  • My Phone power up, but don't seem to find their configuration to boot up correctly.  Sometimes Intermittently

Option 66 is used in DHCP to point the phones to your provisioning server - SIPXCOM.  Download this little tool   This link is for a windoze computer.  run it and press d at the prompt.  Look for Option 66 and confirm it is for the correct address for your sipXcom server.   Run it several times, sometimes you will find someone has put an access point or some other device on the network that is creating a race condition between it and your sipXcom server.