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With Locations we've added the ability to specify calling restrictions.  The calling restrictions will determine whether users or gateways in a particular Location can call users or features in another Location.  A new left side menu will allow the Administrator to select the new capabilities as seen below:

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The Associated tab allows the administrator to see all system features associated with a particular location:
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The Inbound Calling tab allows the administrator to specify calls coming inbound to the system from a set of IP's or SIP domain as inbound to a particular Location:
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The Internal Calling Permissions page lets the Administrator specify which locations can call which other locations.  The following screenshot shows Location1 is allowed to call Location1 only:
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The Fallback Calling Permissions control how calling works for transferred calls.  If you don't want users to be able to transfer to locations other than their own, select the Fallback as being the current location.
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