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Recommended Firmware/BootROM

Configuration Notes:

Autoprovision for Yealink phones does not work, use this procedure for adding phones:

To add the Yealink phone manually to your system (until the auto-provisioning feature will be available) :

1.Manually configure network settings on phone :

Access the phone menu using the admin account with password "admin"(first you might need to go to User Mode - and choose admin,and then go to Setting-Advanced settings)

Setup network/IP settings , save and exit the menu

Phone will (probably) reboot

2.Add the Yealink phone profile to the system :

In admin portal go under Devices->Phones and click the Add new phone menu and select the correct Yealink phone model

On the next screen enter the MAC address of the device


3.Additional config if phone is configured with static ip address:

Considering the phone is setup with static IP addresses , go under Devices->Phones->"Yealink phone"->Internet port (WAN)-> set WAN Adress type to Static and configure the IP paramaters the same as you have on the phone

No need to send the profile to phone right now

4.Assign a line to this newly added phone :

Go to Devices->Phones->"Yealink phone"->Lines

Click Add Line

Search and add user e.g "201"


Save and send the profile to phone

(it's quite possible that nothing will happen on the phone until you execute Step 5

A "Failed to reboot" job might be present because phone cannot be rebooted (since user is not registered on it)

5.Configure the provisioning server on phone :

Now with network settings setup on the phone,connect via its web interface

Depending on the model go to Settings->Auto-provision

Set Server URL to point to your server IP : tftp:// (tftp should be enabled on server under System->Servers->Device Provisioning)

Also set Username and Password : PlcmSpIp

Next click the AutoProvision Now button

(An extra Send profiles might be required after this)

(A "Failed to reboot" job might be present because phone cannot be rebooted (since user is not registered on it)


Phone will get the config file from the openUC server and reboot (in approximately 2 minutes)

6.In Admin Portal->Diagnostics->Registrations verify the entry for the newly added phone

The output is similar to :

URI : sip:201@server_IP/domain

Contact : sip:201@server_IP:1024;x-sipX-nonat

Phone : phones MAC address


For all Known Issues:



Music on Hold

Be aware that in order for MoH to work with Yealink phones you need to check option below in System > Media Services