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Legacy Page - For historical reference only. Please see Release Notes and Installing / Upgrading pages.


  • When performing an upgrade is always a good idea to backup your production system. It is also good to perform the update on a test system first in order to mitigate risks in production.
  • It is also NOT recommended you use the administration web interface to upgrade your system from one version to another. The administration web interface for upgrading is best used for minor bug updates.
  • You can upgrade from any version to any version as long as you follow the manual steps both before and after your upgrade.
  • If you have multiple systems in a cluster (all managed by one Management server). Complete upgrade process on the slave nodes before proceeding to the master server. Once all the systems have been upgraded, log in to the the management UI, go to System -> Servers, select all the servers and press Send Profiles. Reboot any services when administration service instructs you to do so.


If the 'superadmin' password is not correctly decrypted during the restore, you can use 'service sipxconfig reset-admin' to reset it. You can then log in to the Admin GUI with no password and set a new password.