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  1. Create DNS records for your domain

  2. Create ISO DVD and boot from ISO DVD

  3. Enter network settings

  4. Enter host and domain settings

  5. Update sipXcom with maintenance releases

  6. Select server core, telephony, and device services

  7. Add Users

  8. Configure soft and or hard phones

  9. Add SIP Trunking for incoming and outgoing telephone calls

DNS Records for Your Domain

sipXcom requires correct DNS settings to work. And it requires that your PC's (if you want to run softphones) and SIP devices have DNS working properly. It can automatically configure its own DNS server or tell you what the settings need to be. To only test the admin UI, you don't need DNS setup and can use the IP address, but it is still good to at least have the A record for the host set.


A DNS Domain that is equivalent to the SIP domain
A-Record (host record) for the server
SRV records for the SIP communications (port 5060 tcp & udp).
SRV record for the resource record (port 5070 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP client connections (port 5222 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP server connections (port 5269 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP client connections to XMPP conference (port 5222)
SRV record for XMPP servers connections to XMPP conference (port 5222)

Please follow the guidance in the link below: