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  You can check the time of creation and content of ssl-web.crt and ssl-web.key from this path /etc/http/conf.d/ssl/ to make sure it matches your newly uploaded certificate and key (if needed).


If something goes wrong don't panic you can always access your system GUI from HTTP by using the below method:


 Still having problems? then take a look at /var/log/sipxpbx/sipxconfig.log and /var/log/httpd also a service httpd restart may be needed.

 Usually  a key mismatch is the common problem, you can see this is in /var/log/httpd/ssl_error.log - depending on your certificate provider you will be able to re-key  the certificate with the current ssl-web.key or  you will  need to  submit a new CSR.

Very important: keep you initial ssl-web.key safe (copy to another machine). This is the key used when CSR was issued and if you hit Rebuild it will be overwritten. 


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