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Configure queues

Here we will configure a single queue

You can log into the administration user interface with

with default user name and password:

Username: administrator
Password: Password123

Now create a sales queue by selecting "Queues" and clicking on the "+" sign in the

Define the queue for english agents as such. I won't describe Magic here, but select all magic.

Now click on the agents tab and create an agent. Be sure to select English as language and Sales as queue. You'll also want to pick a user id that matches a phone that is registered with your sipxecs system.

OpenACD to FreeSWITCH SIP communication

This is only for sipXecs 4.2 version. Starting with sipXecs 4.4 enabling FreeSWITCH module can be done from sipXecs interface.

This allows OpenACD to call agent from FreeSWITCH to phones registered on sipXregistrar

Go to Media Types tab, select freeswitch_media_manager node

FreeSWITCH Enabled: Must be checked

C Node: freeswitch@starling
Dial String: {ignore_early_media=true}sofia/$1

where you replace:

  1. with your FQDN

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