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Vibe Gateway / Phone Bridge also serves as H323/SIP bridge and as long as all requirements below are fulfilled, you will have full functional set up on your machine.

Prior to the installation of a Vibe Gateway on your infrastructure you will need to configure a server (physical or virtual) in your data center or on your cloud that meets these minimum requirements and has the port access described below.

Additionally, you’ll need to set up a user account on this machine and provide us remote access to the account so that we can install our software. In addition you need to define how you will make a conversion of the phone calls to the SIP calls
before they will reach this phone bridge.

There are two cases usually:

  • You convert phone call to SIP and make a call to SIP URI which will be predefined on the phone bridge. In this case you should provide information about IP address of the server which will make a final SIP call to the phone bridge and we will provide SIP URI which you can use making SIP calls.
  • You are setting up SIP trunk and phone bridge will be registered with your SIP trunk. In this case you will provide SIP server IP address, username and password for the registration.

If you have any questions please contact your eZuce Vibe Account Manager.

Server Specification

The server should have a minimum configuration of a dual core processor with hyper-threading enabled and with a clock speed of at least 2.33 GHz. A faster clock speed and more cores will provide better performance. A minimum of 4 Gigabytes of RAM and 4 virtual cores is adequate unless you have many H.323 transcoding sessions.

H.323 Requirements

For calls out to an H.323 device, the load will be on the server you are connected with Vibe.

For calls in from an H.323 device, the load will be on the gateway the call is connected to.

Roughly 2 cores for H.323 (transcoder) as transcoding is very compute intesive. A 8 Cores server would be able support 4-5 H.3232 connections.

Server Operating System Specification

Current versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux Fedora Core, Ubuntu, CentOS, SLC, Debian, AWS Linux (AMI) are all acceptable operating systems. In all cases the operating system should be at least RHEL7/Debian7/SLC7/CentOS7 to install our software.

Server Addressing

The server should be registered in your local DNS domain and should have a publicly addressable IP address. The system commands “hostname -i” and “hostname -f” should be run and their output must be free of any error messages or values listed as “unknown.” The system command ifconfig should provide public IP address in output.

System Account Creation

Please connect the server to the your network and provide us root access to the machine or create a user account for us with the name “vibe” and it to the sudoers.

Disk Storage

No more than 30 Gigabytes of disk space is required for our system, but if you have the Linux distribution on the same partition, you will need 50 GB total.

Required Ports

Incoming Connections

UDP IN any 5060
TCP IN any 5432
TCP IN any 8080
TCP IN any 5060
TCP IN any 5061
TCP IN any 6070
TCP IN any 3246
TCP IN any 3247
TCP IN any 1720
TCP IN any 1719
TCP IN any 1731
TCP IN any 1420
TCP IN any 57000:57400
UDP IN any 20000:58000
UDP IN any 10000:35000

Outgoing Connections

UDP OUT any any
TCP OUT any any

Next Steps

Once you have completed the set up and configuration of your infrastructure to match the above description please contact your eZuce Vibe Account Manager with the location of your server and the user account access information. Also, the contact information for the technical support person associated with the machine or VM is invaluable should we have any difficulties with the configuration.


WebRTC will use WSS (Web Secure Socket) to pass SIP messages. No special port requirements or special software should be installed to enable this functionality. You will need to have FQDN for the machine and certificate signed by proper authority as for the web server. We will need private key and signed certificate from you to enable this feature. Please contact eZuce Vibe Account Manager to discuss it.

(Optional) Customized audio recordings for SIP IVR

If you want to put in place your own customized recordings you should contact eZuce Vibe Account Manager to discuss it. By default you will use standard Vibe IVR messages. List of the audio files in ulaw format with IVR messages which you should provide in case of customization will be provided on demand.

(Optional) WebCast - BETA

If you want to enable WebCast feature, please contact eZuce Vibe Account Manager to discuss it. This involves another machine/VM and requires established ustream account. Separate document will describe the prerequisites and installation/configuration requirements.

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