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Vibe rooms and users are administered by a Customer Manager.  The Customer Manager is identified by an email address and password initially set up by eZuce or a Managed Service Provider partner.

As a Customer / Community Manager you'll be able to add users to your community, create rooms and create rooms for users.


When signed in with a Community Manager or Provisioning Team Member account the 'Manager' (1) menu will show in the user portal. To add or manage users, select the 'My Users' (2) menu item.

This will bring up a list of users as shown in the following screen shot.

The red key icon  indicates that a user is a provisioning user (a user who can also manage the community).

Add Users

To add new users click on the  button to bring up the following page:

Enter an email address, first name, last name and then select 'User' or 'Provisioner' (you can change user roles when managing a user account also). Add as many new rows as needed for additional new users.

When a user logs in for the first time, they'll need to reset their password.  Users can also click on "forgot password" on the login screen.  The user then will supply their email address and the system will send an email with instructions for resetting the user's Vibe account password.

Manage/Edit Users

In the user list shown above, click on .

Clicking on  will open up the user's profile where you'll be able to handle the typical management tasks for a user as well as adding / removing from the provisioning team.

Community (Customer) Manager Rooms

A Community Manager has the ability to create their own rooms rooms on the system. This is where never ending / team rooms are typically created. 

The Community Manager can also create rooms for individual users under the 'Manager' menu item.

Rooms (Meetings)

As a manager, you have the ability to create rooms for the users.  You give each room an identity by providing a Name while Vibe assigns it a unique Room ID (a 10 digit number). When managing a user (see following screen show) use the  button to see all rooms a user has or use the  button to create a room the user will own.

Users may use their email address to login to the Vibe User portal to manage their own rooms at  They then have the ability to change their Moderator PIN and Participants PIN for each room. 

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