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Branding Process

Branding the Vibe IVR is a means to give your organization’s voice to the audio bridge available for Vibe.  The following sections of this document will describe the various recordings and what format eZuce needs to receive these in.

The audio bridge (if you require one) is to be run on a gateway server (Vibe Gateway Server Requirements) that you (the MSP / enterprise customer) supplies and hosts. Any PSTN connectivity is paid for and supplied by the MSP / enterprise customer. The phone number for the gateway will be provided by the ITSP that you select. A SIP Trunk is recommended as no additional hardware should be required.


Audio files need to be in the following format: ulaw

Audio Prompts

Please read the following lines in bold and record them on your PC with a good quality microphone / headset.

The file name these should be recorded with is listed first and then the text (in English) of what the prompt is by default.


Please enter the Vibe Phone Bridge ID followed by the pound or hash key.


 That is not a valid Vibe Meeting ID. Please try again.


That is not a valid Vibe Meeting ID.


Please enter the Vibe Phone Bridge Password.


That password is invalid for this meeting.


You are entering Vibe Meeting ID X


All Vibe Phone Bridge lines are busy. Please try again later.


The Vibe meeting will start in one minute.



 The Vibe meeting will start in 5 minutes.

 (We’ll Break the recording into 2 files)


That Vibe meeting has already finished.


Please try another Vibe Meeting ID.




0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(just read the numbers 1 by 1, we’ll break the recording into individual numbers)


eZuce will upload the prompts that were supplied to your server(s) hosting the IVR services. We will send your technical contact an email when these are present and ready to be tested.

The customer should test all prompts to ensure that they sound as they should.

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