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What is Branding?

Video describing eZuce Vibe Branding - 

Branding Vibe is a means to give Vibe and its supporting services the look, feel and sound of your organization. The goal of branding is to allow the Managed Service Provider or Enterprise Partner the ability to present Vibe as their own product to their own customers.

Branding is a simple process that requires 4 graphics files, selection of two colors and answers to some simple questions.

What pieces aren't branded

Web pages served by eZuce have the eZuce label on the bottom of the page and our software license in the application reflects that we license the right to use the application. 

Client Branding


eZuce has made branding as easy as possible. This effort will only take 1 or 2 weeks depending largely on developers schedules.

1 - Customer Work

The customer should review this wiki section, evaluate the branding files required and ask any questions before starting.

Next up, the customer should design the look and feel with respect to colors and logo files as they consider the size of the files. This is up to the customer and this will happen according to your designer timetable.

The customer would then create and supply all branding artifacts. This can be done by the customer or the customer's designer.

2 - eZuce Development Work

Once the customer had provided the required artifacts, eZuce will schedule this work with the development team. This usually takes one to two weeks to slot the work into the development cycle.

3 - Customer Testing and Acceptance

This should take no longer than 1 week for the customer to complete. The customer should return any and all changes they require to eZuce.

4 - eZuce Final Build

If any changes are required, eZuce will create final builds for all clients with the required changes from the customer.

5 - (optional) Server Configuration

Any server configuration work by eZuce will take 1 to 2 business days to schedule and can be completed within one day.

Any server configuration work required by the customer (modifying the WebRTC services, establishing PSTN connectivity with an ITSP, installing base operating systems on servers) is up to the customer's timetables


The organization will want to work with their designer to pick a look and feel for their application logo and color choices.

What is included in the branding process is changing the logos and particular textual information that the user can see. We've attempted to keep branding simple to minimize the effort involved for all. Certain elements such as icons for menus do not change as part of the branding process.

During the design, the customer’s graphic designer will want to work within the constraints of the graphics images listed below. It is not the eZuce developer's job to create or modify graphics files.

Supplying Artifacts

The customer is responsible for providing specific text and graphical elements in specific sizes to be used in the application (See the Supplying Artifacts following below on this page).

Text Information

Company Name - The name of your company.

Company Phone - Phone number you'd like your users to see.

Company URL - Your company's 'Vibe' web page.

Support eMail Address - This is the eMail address that users will see to send support requests to.

Company Contact eMail Adress - This is an 'Info' or 'Contact Us' eMail address users will see.

Product Name - What your company's name for Vibe will be.


Product Logo - Image must be a PNG with transparent background from 160 pixels to 500 pixels wide and 160 pixels high. Used at product startup and other places in the application:

Product Desktop Icon - Image must be a PNG with transparent background 256 pixels wide and 256 pixels high.

Mac DMG Installer Graphic - Image must be a PNG with transparent background 445 pixels wide and 522 pixels high.

Colors - Feature Color and Alternate Color in HEX. Example:

Web Site Banner (optional) - Banner image to be used on your version of The banner can be changed on the fly in the Vibe Portal branding settings. Example:

Customizing eMail

If you'd like to change email notifications, near the bottom of the Branding section in your MSP Admin settings you'll find:

Click on the 'Customize here' link for Booking and Registration to change these notifications.

Deliver Artifacts to eZuce

Delivering the artifacts to eZuce is easy to do. The link to the Vibe Branding form below will allow you to provide all of the required information.

Branding Form


Once the new client is built, it is up to the customer to test all aspects of the program to ensure it looks and performs as the customer would like.

Once the application is accepted, further requested changes for customization or changes outside the scope of branding will be worked through your account representative. The goal of testing is to fully evaluate that the client application performs and looks as the customer would like. Back and forth small changes between development and the customer are timely for all parties involved. By allowing for a single iteration its hoped that the client applications will be fully reviewed and commented on and thus modified a single time.

During testing, the customer should test all variations of clients with their supplied graphics to ensure that they are satisfied with the look and feel of the application.

We recommend testing the following:

Windows 10 Desktop Client

Mac OS/X 10.6 and later Desktop Client

Ubuntu 19.10 and later Desktop Client 



WebRTC Client

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (Chromium based)

H.323 or SIP Endpoints

Verify 'spash' screens are as you'd like.

Once a client is accepted as final, additional changes will not be accepted unless a bug is found or a future application change forces changes. The goal here is to test thoroughly and minimize the back and forth with the development team. Thorough testing by the customer will minimize time and hassle for all parties involved.

Branding the User Portal

The User Portal can also be branded. Users come to this site to modify, create and delete meetings. Changes here are limited to certain graphics and colors. Larger changes are not possible as all customers using the portal would be affected. It is possible for customers to build their own portal and reference our APIs to modify meetings. Assisting with this sort of effort, however, is not included in the typical branding exercise.

Information for this is found in the Branding Vibe Portal page.

Branding the IVR

The IVR prompts for bringing phone callers into a meeting can be customized.

Information for this is found in the Branding Vibe IVR page.

Branding the Gateway

The gateway service has a graphic that lets the MSP display their brand when cameras are disabled.

Information about this is found in the Branding Vibe Gateway page.

Linking From Your Site

The following web links are available and are based on your product name (in the place of 'brand' below):

Web Page Redirect

On the page you'd like to have redirected, you can add the following index.php file. In the index.php file, make sure to change any reference to "brand" and "Brand" to your product name.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
        <link rel="shortcut icon" href=""" />
        <style type="text/css">
            body, html
                margin: 0; padding: 0; height: 100%; overflow: hidden;

                position:absolute; left: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; top: 0px; 
        <div id="content">
            <iframe width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" src="" />

Routing phone traffic in/out

It's possible to route in your own phone numbers from your provider to eZuce's Vibe platform.

SIP providers can usually setup in one of two methods:

  1. SIP routing to ####@ip.address or the identical ####@hostname / ####@sipdomain
  2. Authentication based trunk (they give you a userid / pw).

The first option is easiest to deal with as you tell them where to route the call to and you allow it in to that IP address.

The second option requires some configuration in the IVR server to initiate the login to the ITSP.

In the examples above, #### is an IVR number assigned by eZuce or a specific meeting number.

Generic Vibe Desktop Client Documentation

Located here: Team Collaboration Documentation

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