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Introduction #

eZuce now offers fast, secure uploads for support files with our new upload service. The new upload service offers the following new features:

  • Faster uploads and downloads ensuring quicker support
  • Encrypted communications
  • Separate user accounts for all partners
  • “Jailed” folders ensuring other partners cannot access your files
  • Web based file management portal

Accessing the Upload Service #

There are two methods available to access the upload service:

  • Web Portal
  • cURL Method (for direct upload from server commandline)

Web Based Portal #

To access the web portal point your browser to and enter your eZuce username and password.

  1. Login to the web portal.
  2. Drag and drop the file to be shared into the main window area and wait for the file to be uploaded.
  3. Grant access to the file
    1. Click the Public Links tab on the right.
    2. Click the Create Public Link button.
    3. Click the Save button.
    4. Finally click the copy to clipboard () button.
  4. You now have a direct link to the file you uploaded in your clipboard.  You can now paste this into an email or ZenDesk ticket.

cURL Method #

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password please go to and click the Forgotten Password link to reset your password.

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