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New ACD Call Center Server

The ACD Call Center server has been a closed source software up to release 3.6 and was made available into open source in the course of the 3.8 development cycle. This call center ACD server serves up to 50 agents with several queues. It is typically used as an informal call center for IT helpdesks and other applications that require management of calls in a queue.

Plug & play management support for Audiocodes Gateways

This is a major milestone for sipX as we finally add full plug & play management support for all Audiocodes gateways. This means that gateways are managed in a very similar way as compared to phones. All configuratoin is generated by sipXconfig, where sipXconfig chooses default parameters where possible to render a working config out of the box. The gateway then picks up these generated profiles from the sipX server. We plan to support all Audiocodes gateways with initial focus on the following models: MP-114 FXS and FXO, MP-118 FXO and FXS, MP-124 FXS, Mediant 1000. TP-260 and Mediant 2000 are priority two.

Plug & play management support for LG-Nortel phones

Release 3.8 adds plug & play management support for LG-Nortel phones 6804, 6812, and 6830. These phones support standards based Music on Hold (MoH).

New Voicemail Portal

The voicemail portal used by users to retrieve and manage voicemail messages from a Web browser has always been a separate application that required a separate login. We are now integrating the voicemail portal into the user poral of Config Server. Going forward only one user login will be required and the user will be able to manage all user configurable aspects of the phone system including voicemail from there. That includes configuration of forwarding rules and speed dial entries. This represents the first step towards separating the Media Server from the rest of the system. Once done, the system will support several Media Servers on separate HW and all centrally managed by Config Server.

Automated Configuration of HA Slave Systems

This relates to a further simplification of the installation process. Certificates can now be distributed to the Slave server in an HA configuration automatically during the installation process. Config Server manages the Slave system remotely with the ability to enable and disable services on the remote Slave host.

Phone Directory Support

Depending on the phone model it is possible to load directory information into the phone. Release 3.8 will provide a capability to generate a corporate directory based on the user database in sipX augmented by a file import capability using .csv files. This information will be compiled into a directory that can be loaded by the phone. Inclusion into the directory is controlled by group membership as well as a specific permission flags that allows for inclusion.

Extended support for Localization

sipXconfig can be skinned and localized so that the presented language dependes on the users browser settings. sipXconfig is being extended to allow for full localization to be done in .properties files. In addition, the Polycom phone model is extended to support phone localization.

Speed Dial Support

In addition to directory information we plan on supporting the user specific configuration of speed dial keys (soft key assignments on the phone). The user will be able to add individual speed dial assignments using the user portal of sipXconfig.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

We talked about BLF several times and we remain serious about it. Polycom has changed their BLF implementation several times now across different versions of firmware, which made it difficult to follow a straight course. We now decided to implement a sipX presence server based on dialog events. This presence server will collect status information from phones that offer it and allow subscription to such information. A centralized solution is harder to implement, but it is more economical in terms of network bandwidth requirements and it will form the basis for more extensive implementations of presence based services such as interconnection to IM systems such as Jabber and Microsoft LCS.

Domain routing with wildcards

As a last minute item we are adding improved SIP domain routing capabilities to release 3.8. This will allow domain based routing (including wildcards to define domain names). Calls to different domains (i.e different SIP trunking providers) can be routed along different routes.

ISN (ITAD) Signalling

ISN signalling is a new way of bypassing the PSTN. ISN provides an easy way for campuses, enterprises, and ASPs to acquire globally-unique subscriber numbers to support new communications services. ISNs are free and they provide a domain-based, "Internet-style" number that looks more like an email address than a traditional E.164 telephone number. An ISN is formed by joining a domain-local subscriber number to an ITAD (Internet Telephony Administrative Domain) number, using an asterisk as the delimiter. For example, subscriber 1234 in ITAD 256 would have ISN: 1234*256.

ENUM Signalling

ENUM will be supported as an additional redirector plugin, configurable using sipXconfig. ENUM allows the automatic routing of calls over an IP netwrok provided that for the dialed PSTN number there is an IP address equivalent defined in an ENUM registry database. Several ENUM registries can be queried.

Redirector Plugins

Redirector plugins provide a simple mechanism to add redirectors at start time using a simple API. A redirector implements a specific routing rule that is considered as sipX evaluates the dial plan everytime a session is initiated. ISN signalling is implemented as a redirector. ENUM is another redirector. More common dialing rules are now also implemented as redirectors so that with release 3.8 we will have about 15 redirectors in the system already. More exotic redirectors can be added easily. For example: A redirctor could use a database to map every dialed number or URI to a specific other number or URI.

CDR Reports

Since release 3.4 sipX supports CDR data collection for both non-redundant and HA systems. We plan on improving CDR reporting by adding a report generation mechanism that extracts the data from the database and presents it in a user friendly way. The entire CDR post-processing part is re-written to enable real-time reporting of calls. A screen inside sipXconfig will display calls as the terminate, automatically refreshing the windows in a given interval. CDR reports can then be exported to a spreadsheet.

Real-time view of ongoing calls

In addition to near real-time reporting of CDRs for completed calls, it will be possible to see what calls are currently in process using sipXconfig. The CallResolver process is extended with a SOAP interface that allows querying currently active calls. This information will be displayed by sipXconfig.

Dialplan Localization

sipXconfig will support the automatic switching and re-initialization of a localized dialplan. sipx easily supports different dialplans that can be localized both with respect to a country's or regions dialplan requirements as well as language.

Support for Grandstream GXV-3000 Video Phone

We now support plug & play configuration management of the Grandstream GXV-3000 video phone, which means that we now have complete suppport for all the Grandstream phones and TAs. Thanks to IIPS for their help. Grandstream still does not support dialog events in their phones, so that certain features such as call park and call pickup do not work.

Updated SNOM Configuration Support

Support for plug & play management for SNOM phones got updated. In addition to existing capabilities the SNOM phone model now supports speed dial and directory capabilities.

Detailed List

New Feature

  • XECS-13 - Add ability to route calls outside of sipXpbx own domain using custom "route" field parameter.
  • XCF-1295 - add configuration of a session border controller or other intermediary as a route for SIP Trunks
  • XCF-478 - polycom localization support
  • XCF-981 - View/query call detail records (CDRs)
  • XCF-1299 - phone directory support
  • XCF-1309 - support multiple corporate directories
  • XCF-1384 - configure number of times autoattendant would repeat the prompt before giving up
  • XCF-1203 - speed dial support
  • XCF-1305 - Support for Polycom Soundpoint 550 (Rainbow)
  • XCF-1387 - configuration for ENUM plugin
  • XCF-1388 - add phones from the user screen
  • XCF-1418 - Auto Call Distribution Historical stats web reports
  • XCF-1288 - Configure BLF for Polycom phones
  • XCF-1390 - display list of in-progress calls
  • XCF-1407 - localize enumeration labels specified in model XML files
  • XCF-1417 - Config Server create boilerplace mappingrules.xml section to route resource list URIs to the RLS
  • XCF-1442 - Add support for GXV3000 Grandstream phone
  • XCF-1445 - Support firmware upload for grandstream phones
  • XCF-1517 - Add managed support for LG/Nortel phones
  • XCF-1527 - MOH support for LG-Nortel phone
  • XCF-1315 - support collection of entities when modelling phones and gateways
  • XCF-1528 - speed dial support for LG-Nortel phones
  • XCF-1529 - phone book support for LG-Nortel phones
  • XCF-1536 - Ability to change page title from skin properties
  • XCF-1567 - Set NTP server in one place for all phones
  • XCF-1602 - Ability to explicitly initialize NTP server during installation
  • XCF-1671 - phone plugins should be able to disable/enable external line creation feature
  • XCF-1684 - add DNS and syslog servers to the list of Network Services
  • XCF-1701 - Provide access to phonebooks as CSV file
  • XCF-1726 - sipXconfig skin needs to allow for adding custom license agreement for skin providers
  • XCF-1118 - Add localization support for Spanish & German languages
  • XCF-1139 - Add BLF configuration support for Polycom phones
  • XCF-1208 - Support BLF (Busy Lamp Field) for Polycom 60x phones and extension modules
  • XCF-1288 - Configure BLF for Polycom phones
  • XCF-1402 - speed dial for SNOM phones
  • XCF-1403 - phonebook for SNOM phones
  • XCF-1407 - localize enumeration labels specified in model XML files
  • XCF-1717 - Configure routes through session border element
  • XCF-1750 - Add the ability to program LG phones' Qos parameters from the sipXconfig Web UI


  • XECS-5 - Improved domain routing in forking proxy
  • XECS-12 - Support DNS wildcards and IP subnets in <hostPattern> elements
  • XECS-15 - replicationcgi should write files by opening a temporary file, writing it, and then renaming it
  • XECS-36 - xargs --replace options is depricated, use xargs -I instead
  • XECS-37 - cppunit test case loads only plugins with .so extension, test case fails in platforms having other extensions.
  • XECS-50 - Ensure is sensible on startup – regenerate from config DB, and have sensible file in Svn.
  • XECS-56 - is usually generated by Config Server, but not always
  • XECS-72 - "Press * to cancel " should be in the distributed lists prompt.
  • XCF-1308 - Simplify phone API for adding support for new phones models
  • XCF-1217 - replace restore button on dial plan screen with drop down list of countries
  • XCF-1312 - support model localization
  • XCF-871 - simplify navigation from users to phones
  • XCF-1336 - if there are failed background jobs display status on all sipXconfig pages
  • XCF-1389 - all sipX configuration files should be owned by sipx user
  • XCF-1395 - When a phonebook gets removed from a phone or user, the previous phonebook XML-file will persist.
  • XCF-1422 - Allow reordering of speed dial entries
  • XCF-1424 - Show phone model name on new phone page
  • XCF-688 - When creating a new user the admin should be able to define a default email address for voicemail delivery
  • XCF-1066 - Rewrite voicemail ui and integrate back into user portal
  • XCF-1218 - improve Enabled column in all tables
  • XCF-1325 - Improvements for sipXconfig Localization
  • XCF-1423 - ACD Calls export link
  • XCF-1428 - Only show ACD Call web ui when sipxconfig-report RPM is installed
  • XCF-1434 - Install one server component without having to install entire PBX
  • XCF-1436 - Install SSL certificates on remote server from CLI
  • XCF-1458 - Updates to support Polycom BLF feature
  • XCF-1523 - E-mail address is copied to the next page when Create another user checkbox is selected
  • XCF-1541 - Use same shell as interpreter in all the scripts.
  • XCF-1542 - display user and device information on home page
  • XCF-858 - Allow user to enabled & disable forwarding targets without adding/deleting
  • XCF-971 - inter-page navigation does not show which tab is active
  • XCF-1072 - Grandstream profile generation is locale dependent
  • XCF-1133 - 'Send All phone Profiles' should have an 'Are you sure?' dialog
  • XCF-1340 - empty settings groups should be supported
  • XCF-1481 - Default display order for users should be ascending down the page
  • XCF-1521 - junit failure should emit to stderr during build
  • XCF-1549 - Allow for greater customization on login page and banner area
  • XCF-1582 - enable/disable firmware uploading on LG-Nortel phone
  • XCF-886 - Enhance Audiocodes support in ConfigServer for practical use
  • XCF-1108 - better help needed for setting call pickup codes
  • XCF-1125 - Add a warning comment regarding sending profile to the "Phones" page
  • XCF-1414 - enable autorefresh for registrations page
  • XCF-1548 - new voicemail - minor UI changes
  • XCF-1588 - Deleting a User from the Config UI should clean up the mailstore directory
  • XCF-1609 - Deleting a LG phone from the Config UI should clean up the tftproot directory
  • XCF-1617 - Allow user and admin to define a second email address for vm notification
  • XCF-1623 - Add ability to filter out firmware upload items
  • XCF-1624 - Provide easier support for updating polycom firmware support, field and in development
  • XCF-1627 - User initiated Speed Dial activation needs to provide for a mechanism to make this effective on the phone
  • XCF-1635 - Allow a csv import record to end without following commas when the last few fields of a record is empty
  • XCF-1649 - ACD Historic reports should be using new tab UI
  • XCF-1650 - Support multiple groups on CSV import
  • XCF-1675 - AudioCodes FXO gateway should only accept SIP requests from sipx proxy
  • XCF-1694 - Phones and Gateways should have download configuration file option
  • XCF-1704 - Reduce boilerplate code in database related unit tests
  • XCF-1711 - add GUI support for snom 'Action URL Settings' config parameters
  • XCF-1716 - LG-Nortel - allow the admin to lock the set
  • XCF-1719 - Junk characters generate compile-time warnings at phone/hitachi/
  • XCF-998 - configure Call Resolver/CDR via a custom UI for better usability
  • XCF-1343 - Polycom Device Files: Add support for dictionary files for phone localization
  • XCF-1740 - add LDAP params to managed snom config GUI
  • XCF-1754 - Need to Add GSM(3) codec for GXP-2000 phones
  • XCF-1755 - add support for Snom config flags
  • XCF-1776 - support disabling CLI name for Audiocodes digital gateways
  • XCF-1813 - SNOM: configure syslog server automatically


  • XECS-1 - Phones lose registration after some time
  • XECS-2 - CDR reporting: Calls that do not get answered still report as "completed"
  • XECS-3 - proxy slowness seemed to be caused by cdr database being full
  • XECS-4 - SipxPark dumps core during a 'hold' operation if MOH file is not in the required format
  • XECS-8 - DialogEventPublisher does not use a full URI as the "entity" attribute value
  • XECS-9 - gen-ssl-keys hangs (when empty file in file /tmp/* )
  • XECS-10 - Data replication is not working fine under HA setup
  • XECS-11 - Discrepancy between 'installed' configuration and sipXconfig 'default' configuration casuses problems
  • XECS-14 - non-digit extensions are not voiced correctly
  • XECS-16 - SIPx ignores retransmitted SUBSCRIBE messages.
  • XECS-38 - Use same shell as interpreter in all the scripts.
  • XECS-41 - (HP-UX port) res_naptr.c includes regex.h wihtout including sys/types.h, thus giving build error
  • XECS-42 - in hp-ux ia64 platform the libraries should be searched under lib/hpux32 or lib/hpux64
  • XECS-43 - No PLATFORM macro for HP-UX
  • XECS-59 - Overnight LoadTest failure - sipXvxml memory hog
  • XECS-62 - 'sipx-config --version' doesn't show ACD when ACD is installed.
  • XECS-64 - Call pickup continues to route *78... to default GW if no phones report ringing
  • XECS-65 - ACD dumped core
  • XECS-68 - HA Set up: Sipregistrar dumped a core and also Sipregistrar failed when one of the machine goes down and brought back up
  • XECS-77 - HA:Callresolver process hangs up when registrar service is stopped -"intermitent"
  • XECS-87 - Sample issue - please ignore
  • XECS-94 - RegEventServer does not work
  • XECS-95 - Numerous 500 errors seen in logs during testing
  • XECS-100 - Source address of SIP messages not always recorded in INCOMING log lines
  • XECS-109 - Problems during shutdown of sipregistrar – TCP sockets, registry sync RPCs
  • XECS-133 - watchdog sends mail with sender address ''
  • XECS-139 - missing config/svn-version in sipxacd-3.7.6 tarballs
  • XECS-143 - Race condition in SipSubscribeClient
  • XECS-149 - The background music file name created for sipXpark should not contain space in it since sipXpark does not handle it well.
  • XECS-163 - 302 Moved Temporarily shows two contacts with same values
  • XECS-165 - SIPStatus is dumping core, when Services are restarted frequently
  • XECS-167 - mapping rules are ignored since XECS-163 was fixed
  • XECS-171 - sipXacd is sometimes dumping core on exit
  • XECS-173 - Upgrading from 3.6 to 3.8 gave package dependency problem
  • XECS-178 - dialing to voicemail using numeric aliases doesn't work in 3.6
  • XECS-180 - Hunt Group : 302 Moved temporiarily does not contain q values
  • XECS-182 - AutoAttendant transfer is not working
  • XECS-183 - Media server dumps core when being shutdown.
  • XECS-206 - Configure communication between server processes to use UDP to avoid XECS-169
  • XECS-218 - HTTP header, error in first line when POST transfer (< submit> or <subdialog>) recordings in vxml scripts.
  • XECS-221 - Memory leak in sipauthproxy in 380010334
  • XECS-223 - call resolver only logs failed calls when it's shutting down
  • XECS-230 - ACD real-time statistics depend on "From" field uniquely identify the call
  • XECS-296 - callresolver leaked memory in 380010427
  • XECS-300 - Permissions not enforced on spiraled calls
  • XECS-310 - Media Server failed to upgrade while upgrading from 3.6 to 3.8
  • XECS-311 - sipproxy appends empty "Www-Authenticate" header when forwarding 407 that has multiple Proxy-Authenticate headers
  • XECS-314 - Voicemail messages saved in the Personal folder are lost after upgrading from 3.6 to 3.8
  • XECS-323 - directed call pickup not working in sip 3.6
  • XECS-353 - MpStreamPlayer fails to loop audio file playback
  • XCF-1338 - Adding a SIP Trunk gateway should not ask for a serial number
  • XCF-1358 - address book created for Polycom should not add users to speed dial automatically
  • XCF-1370 - adding clearone phone does not work
  • XCF-1391 - initialize method is called twice for Phones
  • XCF-1394 - Better error-reporting in external phonebook CSV-file parser.
  • XCF-1405 - Current 3.7.0 mainline fails to start up.
  • XCF-1406 - Phonebooks cannot be edited or deleted.
  • XCF-1408 - group label and group description in setting fieldset does not render localized strings
  • XCF-1429 - Resolve/fix places where unescaped HTML from localization files shows up
  • XCF-1431 - deploying Polycom firmware (.zip file) does not work correctly
  • XCF-1409 - built-in permissions shown in English only on Permission screen and DialPlan screen
  • XCF-1430 - sipxconfig-agent SOAP API doesn't appear to honor request for data in a certain time window
  • XCF-1438 - wrong park server URI in SNOM profile
  • XCF-1443 - Grandstream GXV3000 and GXP2000 attempting to register anonymous lines
  • XCF-1452 - Getting exception while setting the extension pool.
  • XCF-1459 - Clicking on the "Add User" link of the Users page caused exception.
  • XCF-1467 - sipxconfig-agent gem not getting installed after fresh installation
  • XCF-1471 - supressing uncertifed gateway filter needs updating, mode ids changed
  • XCF-1482 - User edit page has pin and confirm pin with different values
  • XCF-1488 - In new VM UI, there is no Default System Greeting option in Active greeting dropdown menu
  • XCF-1150 - Click on "Import" without uploading any file gives an exception
  • XCF-1347 - warnings during Polycom profile generation
  • XCF-1369 - Intercom gets enabled without any group assigned to it.
  • XCF-1373 - reset-superadmin task in some case does not restore admin privileges
  • XCF-1413 - Internal error deleting polycom firmware files entry
  • XCF-1419 - Configuration of presence server parameters incorrect
  • XCF-1450 - Uploaded CSV file to a phonebook cannot be deleted from the config ui
  • XCF-1453 - CDR: When either the start or end date in the cdr statistics page is set to blank, an exception page is seen
  • XCF-1455 - Call Resolver(CDR) : Start time displayed in CDR table is UTC
  • XCF-1460 - after 3.4 to 3.6 upgrade, selecting "Clear Completed" on Job Status screen generates an internal error
  • XCF-1462 - "keys per registration" setting of polycom is limited to a number of buttons on the phone
  • XCF-1463 - GUI gives no warning when user with no forwarding permission attempts to forward.
  • XCF-1470 - 'make install' leaves old jars in sipXconfig lib directory
  • XCF-1475 - sipxconfig-report doesn't start on CentOS or RHEL for various packaging reasons
  • XCF-1477 - sipXproxy configtest fails after activating the dialplan
  • XCF-1484 - Not able to configure Speed dial using Internet Explorer as the browser.
  • XCF-1486 - VM Web UI: Not able to login to the voicemail box when a message is sent via distribution list / Forward the messge
  • XCF-1487 - Heard and unheard status is not displayed in new Voicemail UI
  • XCF-1500 - full version number is not displayed in page footer
  • XCF-1501 - Media server should send hyperlinks to new web portal in email notification
  • XCF-1507 - sipxconfig allows ACD line to use number already used by another line/extension/userID
  • XCF-1508 - Getting exception while configuring the Use caller sensitive forwarding.
  • XCF-1509 - Cosmetic change in Polycom Localization settings
  • XCF-1510 - Internal error hitting preview button on LDAP preview
  • XCF-1512 - checkconfig error: /usr/bin/ not found
  • XCF-1519 - Page error showing new voicemail UI
  • XCF-1537 - ACD reports duplicates one record each time it runs
  • XCF-1540 - MWI indication is not turned-off when an unheard voicemail is deleted from the web ui
  • XCF-770 - Audiocodes: Trunk Group field unclear
  • XCF-985 - When provisioning Cisco ATA-18x's, "<sip_domain>:<sip_port>" is provisioned as the proxy, causing SRV-lookups to fail.
  • XCF-1353 - Long Distance Rule: Field for Area Codes restricted to 40 characters - should allow up to 256
  • XCF-1461 - sipXconfing testbed 'ant run' should allow for testing of all screens.
  • XCF-1480 - Loss of menu items when displaying on a narrow screen
  • XCF-1544 - Migration of voicemail in custom folders
  • XCF-1545 - On "Phone" screens, the "presence" navigation item is not capitalized, unlike all other navigation items
  • XCF-1550 - Enabling BLF for blank speed dial fields gives exception on the speed dial page
  • XCF-1553 - reset-superadmin does not work
  • XCF-1558 - Deleting Cisco Phones gives exception with 375008014 build
  • XCF-1561 - model XML files are parsed everytime settings are loaded
  • XCF-1563 - fix handling of "names" that are aliases for extensions eg hunt groups
  • XCF-1564 - Grandstream phone profles get generated in /var/log/sipxpbx directory
  • XCF-1568 - Build broken for /lib: Java version mismatch
  • XCF-1580 - cannot add a new gateway if editing old gateway was concluded when tab other than 'config' tab was active
  • XCF-1585 - An Exception page occured in Speed dial page
  • XCF-1586 - Enabling an Unmanaged Service causes an exception
  • XCF-1587 - speeddial page validation doesn't accept single character user id in sip addresses
  • XCF-1591 - Edit Configuration parameters under System-->General settings are not reflected in respective .in files
  • XCF-1599 - Adding a new phone accepts serial numbers containing blank spaces
  • XCF-1601 - Polycom timezone settings are different on group then on phone
  • XCF-1603 - "Enable periodic import from LDAP" setting won't stay enabled, and doesn't seem to work at all
  • XCF-1604 - LGNortel phones not setting timezone defaults
  • XCF-942 - Unused polycom lines generate non-default values in profiles when used in groups
  • XCF-968 - Options in Hold Remainder Tab accepts decimal values
  • XCF-1129 - Succesive User Import Causes Same User Assigned Multiple Time to Single Phone
  • XCF-1392 - Gateways screen: underscore should not be allowed as char in domain name
  • XCF-1416 - When the domain alias with 'bracket" is added gives an exception
  • XCF-1435 - Reordering Speed Dial entries fails under some error conditions
  • XCF-1439 - In Callpark, edit the Transfer key parameter in Default settings is not getting updated in Orbit.xml file
  • XCF-1472 - out of memory errors when displaying large collection of calls
  • XCF-1520 - Unit test failure on FC5 when eclipse is installed
  • XCF-1530 - Click on "Listen to message" link in VM e-mail notification gives an exception in configserver
  • XCF-1532 - An exception is produced while navigating to next page in the voicemail web ui
  • XCF-1554 - Unable to change PIN from Config Server user portal (Changing PIN from TUI works.)
  • XCF-1557 - LDAP import preview does not work
  • XCF-1571 - When Double quoted and single quoted strings are added in Domain name field, causes the system failure
  • XCF-1573 - Typo error in VM web UI--->My Information page ("Confirm Password" should be "Confirm PIN")
  • XCF-1577 - Selecting number of back ups to keep is not working
  • XCF-1578 - Intermittent: Could not able to login to Voicemail web UI after edit the subject line of the User
  • XCF-1598 - Enabling Subscribe to presence for blank Name with some Number in speed dial page gives an exception
  • XCF-1608 - De-select the MOH wav file is not working
  • XCF-1610 - several screens with EnumPropertySelection model cannot be localized fully
  • XCF-1618 - CDR: click on Download link on Historic page gives an exception
  • XCF-1619 - LG phone: No validation for few parameters, eg: Under SIP link "outbound_proxy_port"
  • XCF-1620 - Download from Historic Calls under Diagnostics causes Internal error (NullPointerException)
  • XCF-1622 - Audiocodes gateways are not accepting Serial numbers
  • XCF-1628 - Speed Dial configuration not persistent
  • XCF-1631 - ACD Reports: 'Total calls Handled' is wrong in Agent Activity Summary page
  • XCF-1633 - CSV Import not working beyond 15 users
  • XCF-1641 - In ACD, not able to modify/delete the group added to the user for supervision.
  • XCF-1642 - Time gets wrongly logged in the ACD statistics page.
  • XCF-1643 - Agent availabilty report is generating duplicate entries.
  • XCF-1644 - Agent activity summary page under ACD historical reports displays fake values
  • XCF-1645 - Duplicate parameters for the grandstream TFTP Server address field.
  • XCF-1651 - CDR record FROM field often does not display understandable information
  • XCF-1657 - Config server generates exception when adding lines to a Polycom phone
  • XCF-1658 - An Exception is found in Registrations page
  • XCF-1660 - An exception page is seen in Default link of Auto attendants page
  • XCF-1661 - Startup failure on first install. Domain not initialized is the symptom.
  • XCF-1663 - cannot activate dial plan after opening 'caller sensitive routing' screen
  • XCF-1664 - two tabs selected at the same time
  • XCF-1674 - Grandstream configuration missing user related configuration settings
  • XCF-1688 - Snom: Typo error in many pages
  • XCF-1689 - developer comment on Snom 'Keys' screen should be removed
  • XCF-1692 - Snom: Junk characters in Redirection page
  • XCF-1699 - only 1 audiocodes firmware can be active
  • XCF-1707 - Configserver treats *88 and *8 as same in the call pickup codes in Build 010172
  • XCF-1710 - Parameters are found missing in the Default Auto Attendent page
  • XCF-1718 - Install Ruby gems mode 644 instead of 755
  • XCF-1725 - AudioCodes digital gateways: TDM parameters should be gateway not trunk parameters
  • XCF-1732 - Delete call park extension from configserver doesn't update orbit.xml
  • XCF-1735 - Strange UI behavior with Call Park; default values get reverted to previous defaults when modified
  • XCF-1736 - LG Phone's "noanswer_time" parameter under the Call Forwarding page not validated
  • XCF-1738 - Grandstream Phone : Link to download configuration file of the device displays a blank page
  • XCF-1045 - Registrations-page sometimes shows registrations as expired when they are not.
  • XCF-1130 - minor label error on sipx's Grandstream phone Network config screen
  • XCF-1178 - In Polycom Phone settings, Changes made in sntp parameters are not reflected in Phone's web ui
  • XCF-1272 - Add holiday edit box fails to validate the invalid input as a result exception is shown.
  • XCF-1334 - many parameters not configured properly on Poycom 2.1.0 & 2.1.1 firmware
  • XCF-1409 - built-in permissions shown in English only on Permission screen and DialPlan screen
  • XCF-1415 - incorrect help text on 'Devices | Phones | <polycom phone> | Directory Resources' screen
  • XCF-1421 - Provisioning Polycoms fails with a "Error using velocity template polycom/mac-address.d/sip-1.6.cfg.vm".
  • XCF-1494 - Activating the dialplan hangs the screen
  • XCF-1552 - incorrect text description for Polycom config option re 'get NTP offset from DHCP'
  • XCF-1573 - Typo error in VM web UI--->My Information page ("Confirm Password" should be "Confirm PIN")
  • XCF-1600 - LG phones are not taking the profiles from the Tftp root
  • XCF-1632 - sipXconfig does not render correctly in IE6
  • XCF-1633 - CSV Import not working beyond 15 users
  • XCF-1647 - Polycom configs upgraded from 1.6 to 2.0 contain "Null" rather than "" for codecPref='do not use'
  • XCF-1654 - add 'overload queue' column to the the queue table
  • XCF-1656 - The Configuration parameters for LIP-6830 phone are not validated in the configserver
  • XCF-1677 - ACD:An exception is produced while adding an ACD queue
  • XCF-1682 - sipxconfig-report RPM prints error during installation
  • XCF-1683 - sipXconfig generates exception when saving ACD queue configuration with advanced setting.
  • XCF-1686 - Snom: Removing MOH from config UI is not reflecting in Phone UI
  • XCF-1695 - Snom: ConfigServer overrides Mute,DND and Conference functionalities
  • XCF-1696 - Snom: Missing parameters in Config UI which are present in Phone UI
  • XCF-1697 - Snom: cannot set setting value blank if it was set to a 'non-blank' value previously
  • XCF-1713 - Polycom: Changes made to phone settings are not updated in Phone UI with Firmware Version 2.1
  • XCF-1714 - When adding multiple ACD Agents to a queue, not all selected agents are added.
  • XCF-1729 - Activate ACD server does not restart ACD server when restarting is necessary.
  • XCF-1752 - Internal exception when filtering the Imported users in LDAP
  • XCF-1757 - Help link is pointing to a non existing URL
  • XCF-1759 - ACD:An exception is produced in the config ui when one deletes an ACD queue with dependencies
  • XCF-1761 - input pattern validation needed on SBC screen
  • XCF-1762 - Setting the park timeout to blank under default link in callpark is giving exception
  • XCF-1769 - Incomplete help text in ACD Historic Reports
  • XCF-1770 - An Exception occured in ACD Historic Reports page when clicked on Download link
  • XCF-1795 - sipXconfig should not generate <route /> elemenent when both domain and addresses are empty
  • XCF-1797 - snom "Refer Brackets" should be enabled by default
  • XCF-1805 - StackOverflow exception when editing groups of settings with members of SettingArray type
  • XCF-1811 - Login back after UI timeout creates exception


  • XECS-18 - Port to HP-UX : and daemon function not available in HP-UX
  • XECS-19 - autodel script uses deprecated ipcrm option
  • XECS-20 - Port to HP-UX : setenv api is not available in HP-UX
  • XECS-21 - Port to HP-UX : VXML processing causes badfetch in HP-UX due to the defenition of wchar_t as a signed type
  • XECS-22 - Port to HP-UX : UTF16TO32 is not defined for HP-UX platform
  • XECS-23 - (HP-UX port) Define PLATFORM_UA_PARAM
  • XECS-25 - Port to HP-UX : Define 64bit integer type for HP-UX
  • XECS-26 - Port to HP-UX : define 64 bit integer type for HP-UX
  • XECS-27 - Porting to HP-UX
  • XECS-110 - Update to RHEL5 (CD installer and build system)
  • XECS-116 - Add release notes in HTML format to the CD installer
  • XECS-347 - Verify / adapt RAID configuration for the 3.8 CD builds
  • XCF-1297 - Config Server changes needed to support redirector plugins
  • XCF-1300 - Support outgoing ISN dialing
  • XCF-1362 - cleanup sipXconfig docs directory
  • XCF-1595 - Remove or hide "call direction" check box on System->Call Detail Record->Advanced Setting since call direction is not supported
  • XCF-1652 - Remove registrar from the list of processes to be whacked by the whacker.
  • XCF-1666 - Change the default value of the transport parameter of Polycom phone to "Only UDP"
  • XCF-1667 - Add help text for "Subscribe to presence" to state that it should only be used by phones that support this capability.
  • XCF-1756 - freeze DB schema before 3.8 release
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