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V.4.6 Update 6 -  DHCP is stopped during Installation of secondary servers, setup fails.

From CLI - run ntpdate -u against your DNS Server.

From CLI - run date - confirm date is now correct.

From CLI - rerun sipxecs-setup and re-enter your server setup.  It should now complete setup.


V.4.6  Update 7  -  DHCP - Stops working.  Starts and then stops.     (Courtesy of Doug Hubler and George Niculae)

Workarounds --
Option 1:      *every* time you reboot sipxecs, ssh into machine and restart sipxecs
                     service sipxecs restart

Option 2:      Edit /usr/share/sipxecs/cfmodules/sipx and change "route" to "/sbin/route"

Option 3:      Wait for update #8


V.4.6 Update 7 to V.4.6 Update 9 –  Error when running yum update - "Error: Package: pymongo-2.4.2-1.el6.x86_64 (@sipXecs)"

run from Command Line -   "rpm -e --nodeps pymongo"


V.15.06 - V.15.08  Web interface customization via dropping files in etc/sipxpbx not loading correctly

Make the following change to etc/sipxpbx/sipxplugin.beans.xml

Instead of this -


Change to this:

<!DOCTYPE beans PUBLIC "-//SPRING//DTD BEAN//EN" "classpath:org/sipfoundry/sipxconfig/site/spring-beans.dtd">

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