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Although this entry focuses on the experience with the the KIRK 6000 Server, it also applies to the KIRK 300 server, although the sections within the configuration space may be a bit different. Look for the key words and entries specified below when configuring the 300, and it should work.

Additionally, this page focuses solely on basic KIRK phone/voice operability with SIPX, and does not cover the extended features offered by the KIRK 6000. You'll have to do a little of your own homework about the KIRK system, as this does not cover every specific administration feature of the KIRK phone. Plenty of good reference docs are found in the support section of the Polycom site.

Fields not mentioned below should be left in their default state, unless you have specific requirements.

At this time, I don't know of any way to auto-provision the phones through SIPX.

Setup of the KIRK server

Configuration section

General subsection
  • Use static address (not absolutely required, but recommended for ease of management). Define IP Address, Netmask, and Gateway.
  • DNS. Domain should be your SIPX domain, and set the Primary Server to your SIPX server (if you are serving DNS from the SIPX server) or to the appropriate server with the correct SRV records.
  • NTP. IP or FQDN should be set to an appropriate NTP server. I recommend the SIPX server. Time Zone should be set as appropriate.
  • UPnP. Enabled, and Broadcast announcements checked.
Wireless subsection
  • Under the DECT header, place a checkmark in the following: 'Subscription allowed', 'Authenticate calls', 'Send date and time', 'Allow new media resources', 'Allow new base stations'.
SIP subsection
  • Local port: 5060
  • Transport: UDP
  • DNS method: DNS SRV
  • Default domain: YOUR SIPX DOMAIN HERE
  • Registration expire: 3600
  • DTMF signalling, send as RTP: checked
  • Message waiting indication: Enable indication checked, enable subscription checked, expire in 3600.
  • Media Codec priority: Set to G726-32/8000
  • Play on-hold tone: checked
  • Display status messages: checked
  • Call waiting: checked


List Users - Creating new users
  • Select the 'New' button
  • IPEI: Specific to each phone (location is dependent on the phone)
  • Access code: set only IF you want to have additional phone setup security
  • Standby text: Appears at the top of the phone screen. Short (I think 12 character limit) description of phone identity. E.g., you could use 'Alfred x735'.
  • Username/Extension: Insert the SIPX username here.
  • Domain: Not required
  • Displayname: Descriptive name, e.g. 'Alfred Hitchcock'.
  • Authentication user: SIPX username here.
  • Authentication password: SIPX user account password.
  • Disabled: UNCHECKED (unless you want to leave the account disabled).

Once you've saved the user, the User List page will show the users that have been set up. A few moments after the user has been set up, you can refresh the User List page and should see that the Enabled column is active, and that the Subscription and Registration columns are also active for the user. If all three are true, then the phone/account should be active.

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