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One of the more powerful set of features for customers is the user portal provided in sipXecs. This set of features has an interface which is very functional however not very user friendly and appealing to look at. With sipXecs 4.2 the intention is to start taking the user portal toward a modern look and feel employing new web technologies. The principal behind this redesign is as follows:
Federation of unified communications modes

  • Central location for communications information
  • edit settings anytime, anywhere with or without soft client
  • launch point for generic clients; hard, soft mobile
  • access to unified communications
  • ability to configure presence information, schedules, call forwarding configurations, phone book, calendar integration.

Below shows some of the screens/ideas that are being worked to date:

Login Screen

  • Similar to what is there today allowing the user to provide credentials to log in

Splash Screen

  • Simple screen post login that allows a user to:
    • Gain Access to the Portal
    • Set Preferences
    • Import Contacts
    • Logout
    • screen behaves much like a Windows Automatic Help when you launch a program. It can be disabled if desired.

Wireframe Concept

  • Mockup wireframe of new user portal.

My Phone Book Concept

  • Many more fields added to the phone book to allow sipXecs to behave as your Unified Communications contact list.
  • Screens below show concepts of the new phonebook, contacts, filter, search and conferencing.

New phonebook with presence, actions, search and forwarding

Contact filter by time and roll overs to view numbers

Conference management from user portal by simply selecting contacts

Contact screen with all relevant information and links

Active search field that will populate based on a few characters

More to come....

  • My Voicemail & Call History - ability to view/listen to voicemail and view call history
  • My Conferences - conference management
  • My Settings - all personal settings
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