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The sipXcom User Portal has been reinvented

  • HTML5 Based for broad device compatibility
  • Manage user settings
  • Manage voicemail
  • Manage call forwarding
  • Manage personal auto attendant
  • Manage profile information
  • Change password & voicemail pin
  • Set phone speed dials
  • See all phone system contacts




Get Started 

Just starting out with the new user portal? Take a look here before you begin.


Consult this page to learn how to access and manage your Voicemails.

Voice Features

When using User Portal, you will be able to make calls or organize conferences, but just remember that the calls / conferences are generated and manipulated using Third Party Call Control (3PCC), so no voice / video calls are available within the browser.

Call Forwarding 

Using the Call Forwarding settings you can add internal extensions, external numbers or SIP addresses to redirect calls before are sent to your Voicemail.

Personal Attendant

The Personal Attendant picks up calls that divert to your Voicemail. See here how you can change you Personal Attendant settings.

Speed Dials

If your phone is capable of displaying speed dials and/or BLF (busy lamp field) entries, consult this page to see how to set them.


Experiencing a problem? Browse this section for troubleshooting information.


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