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Jitsi (previously called SIP Communicator) is a Java based (using JAIN-SIP) softphone and is cross platform (Mac, Windows, Linux and Android).

Jitsi Provisioning (15.10 and later)

How to setup : 

  1. Add a Jitsi phone under Devices->Phones.(Enter anything you want as Serial Number) 
  2. Add an existing user as a Line on this Jitsi phone. 
  3. Send Profiles. 
  4. Download Jitsi and install 
  5. When(if) prompted at the welcome screen - select to go to Provisioning.
    1. You will be switched to Options->Advanced->Provisioning. 
  6. Check Enable provisioning -> Manual -> "https://ipOrFqdn/jitsiprov/provisioning?username={username}&password={password}" 
    1. Replace "ipOrFqdn" with the UniteMe server ip or fqdn. No need to replace anything else. 
  7. Close the settings and restart Jitsi. 
  8. Jitsi starts.When prompted,insert the UserID and user password of the user added at step 2. 
    1. Jitsi will load 

If you've already went through the whole provisioning process once but you want to start fresh with a new profile. 
You need to go into Jitsi->Options->Advanced->Provisioning ->and click Forget password. 
Restart Jitsi. 


Manually Configuring

How to configure for sipXecs 4.6 and Jitsi 2.2: and reported as a bug here:

Is the following still true?  "It does not seem to support DNS SRV (in spite of using JAIN-SIP, and supposedly it was once fixed It does also suggest it supports XMPP but not unless you remove xmpp.fqdn and use only xmpp.domain by editing your sipx config."

It has been reported to work. If you have a working example, screenshots and notes on functionality (does RLS work?) with would be appreciated.

Jitsi works with sipXecs 14.04 update 2 using both xmpp and sip; please see screen shots below:

The Password for XMPP is the password to log in into the user portal or XMPP.


The Password for SIP is the SIP password

Use Ctrl+Enter to make the call  Select the SIP account to call a PSTN account

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