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Localizing the Dial Plan for a Specific Country

With release 3.6 a feature called "Dial Plan Templating" was introduced. This allows you to easily customize the dial plan to your specific needs based on your contry, your reginal or your company using a plugin mechanism. The mechanism described here allows you to create a new set of default dial plan ruls. Using the User Interface of Config Server these rules can of course be customized as well.

Enabling a Different Dial Plan

Release 3.6

In release 3.6 manual intervention is required to change the default dial plan rule set. We currently have default dial plans available for the following countries:

  • U.S. (system default)
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Switzerland

In order to enable a different dial plan do the following:

Login to the console of your sipX host and navigate to the directory /etc/sipxpbx/dialplan. You will find the following files:


The currently active default dial plan is represented by the file dialrules.beans.xml. In a normal installation, this file is a copy of the file us.dialrules.beans.xml.

In order to activate a different dial plan, copy the respective file to replace the current file dialplan.beans.xml. Now go into Config Server, navigate to the dial plan screen, and press "Revert" to show the new default dial plan. This will delete your existing dial plan. In order to activate it follow the procedure indicated on the screen.

Release 3.7/3.8

Release 3.7/3.8 introduces dialplan localization inside Configuration Server. A simple drop-down menu allows you to select the dialplan required for your region. Note: Chanigng dialplan will revert all custom settings to factory default. To select a dialplan go to Config Server, navigate to the dialplan screen, and select the "Reset" link in the upper right corner of the table. The dialplan reset screen appears:

Localized Dialplan - An Example

Below the U.S. and German default dialplan side-by-side:

How to Create a New Default Dial Plan

Creating a new default dial plan is pretty simple. All you got to do is create one new file as follows:

  1. Login to the console of your sipX system as root
  2. Go to the directory /etc/sipxpbx/dialplan
  3. Make a copy of the file dialrules.beans.xml
  4. Modify your copy to reflect your local rules: Add new rules, remove rules, change default prefixes etc.
    1. When defining new rules you have to use as parent one of the "default" beans or one of the beans you already defined
    2. Each rule has to have a different name property
    3. All the rules that you use must be listed in dialPlan bean at the end of the file
    4. Bean IDs do not have any special meaning, but unless you have a good reason - do not change them
  5. Copy the new file with your rules to overwrite the file dialrules.beans.xml (you can always revert to default by copying the file us.dialrules.beanx.xml)
  6. (Re)start sipXconfig (you can do this under Services in the UI; wait about 30s after restart)
    #Go to the Dial Plan screen and click Revert (if this is the first time you started sipXconfig you do not need to revert - your new rules are default)

Once you are happy with a new set of rules consider posting them on the list. It'll help others and it'll help you (in case of any format changes).

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