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The current SipXcom solution does not provide support for displaying the status of Call Park lines via the speed dial presence list. To work around this issue, the Dashboard application initially provided by Sebastien Hache (Dashboard) has been modified to display the status of call park lines via a web browser. The application uses the Soap api "GetActiveCalls" to retrieve the status of call park lines, and works in the following scenario:

  • Incoming call arrives at a phone extension and is answered
  • The call is transferred (consultative or blind method) to a Call Park extension
  • The call is retrieved from Call Park using *4 from another phone extension

This solution works for single call transfers only - e.g. incoming call on one extension -> Call Park -> retrieve call from second extension. The solution will not work correctly when multiple call transfers take place as the information on the status of active calls within SipXcom overwrites call park extension information.The original Dashboard application was modified for use by a phone administrator in the following scenario:

  • An incoming call arrives from the public phone network and answered by the administrator
  • The call is transferred to one of the available call park extensions by the administrator
  • The administrator pages for the correct individual that there is a active call on the specified call park extension
  • The individual retrieves the active call from call park using another phone

The Call Park Dashboard was tested on SipXcom releases 17.04 through 17.10 in standalone and high-availability configurations with the Polycom VVX family of phones.

Step 1 - Install the Call Park Dashboard

The Call Park Dashboard files are similar to the Dashboard files - use the Dashboard installation steps (Dashboard) to install the Call Park Dashboard. The Call Park Dashboard files are here callpark.php callparkstatus.php jquery-latest.min.js query-latest.js - copy these files to the /var/www/html directory of the SipXcom voice server.

Step 2 - Define Call Park Extensions on SipXcom

Go to the Features->Call Park menu of SipXcom to define the call park extensions - in this example, call park extensions are defined in the x351-355 range.

Step 3 - Edit the callpark.php Script 

Edit the callpark.php script in the /var/www/html directory to correspond to the Call Park extensions defined in the previous step.

Step 4 - Display Call Park Dashboard from a Web Browser

Th Call Park Dashboard is accessed by the IP address or FQDN of SipXcom followed by the callparkstatus.php script e.g. from the browser command line.

When an active call is transferred to a Call Park extension, the phone will go from Green to Red. When the call is retrieved from Call Park, the Call Park extensions turn back to green after several seconds.


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