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Next to the free X-lite product Counterpath offers several different versions of Bria. This page is only for the desktop version of Bria (not the mobile ones).

  • Bria 3.x for windows, Mac and Linux (Ubuntu).

Please see the Mobile Apps page for other versions of softphones from Counterpath.

Bria offers several advantages over other softphones. One of the biggest advantages for sipXecs users is the ability of sipXecs to automatically configure the softphone clients much in the same way that managed hardphones are provisioned.


To provision a Bria softphone, in sipXecs Administration click on Devices -> Phones and then select Bria 3.x from the Add new phone... drop-down box. Only the Bria 3.x is capable of being auto provisioned. The iPhone, iPad and Android editions do not have this feature from Counterpath.

The Serial number entry can be a user name or extension. It really doesn't matter what it is. Enter a useful description and if you'd like to manage your Bria Pro phone settings as a group, add a Group name.

Once done, click OK.

You will be returned to the Phones page. Click on the new phone that you just added so that we can add a line to the phone. Fhe following page will be displayed:

Click on Add Line in the Quick Links section on the right hand side of the screen. Locate the extension you'd like to add to the phone, place a check mark next to it and click the Select button. You will be returned to the Lines setting page for the Bria phone as shown below:

Click on the OK button, place a check mark next to the new phone and click on the Send Profiles button.

Starting Bria in provisioned mode

When launching Bria 3.x you have to provide Username, Password and Provisioning server.

For Username enter: the user's extension.

For Password enter: This should be the user password and not the PIN.  (For version 4.4 this would be the user PIN)

For Provisioning Server enter: http://ip.of.sipxecs.server:12000/cmcprov/login

Bria will start, download the .ini file and after a short delay be ready to use with the system.