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The global settings of hotdeking can be accessed using the 'Hotdesking' feature menu. See image below.


Image below shows a preview of the configuration details page.


You can configure the extension the user should dial to call the hotdesking IVR.

Skip hotdesking welcome text

To speed-up the hotdesking IVR you can disable the welcome prompt.

Use default pincode

In some cases you might want to auto-login users by default. Just some individual might want to prefer security by pincode.
This is where the 'default' pincode can be used.(See also advanced settings) For each user the global specified default pincode is used so users who haven't customized there pincode will login automatically. Identically users who have customized there pincode will be asked for it, because the global default pincode won't match.

Enable login as defferent user

Enabling this feature enables a prompt so a logged in user can directly login as a different user without the need of first logging off.

Enable logoff other phones

When this setting is enabled a user can be logged in on at most 1 phone. When he logs in on a second phone, 'his' first phone  (and if there are more all other phones) will be automatically be logged off.

Automatically logoff other phones

Wanneer een gebruiker inlogt op een telefoon, log dan automatisch de overige telefoons waarop de gebruikers is ingelogd uit.
Op deze manier is een gebruiker op slechts 1 telefoon ingelogd. 

Enable confirmation

When this feature is enabled, a user always needs to press '#' key to confirm a choice in an IVR menu.

Allowed numbers

List of extensions which can be called when a phone is in logoff state (special logoff ~~in~HD user is assigned).

Auto Logoff Time

You can specify a time to schedule auto logoff of ALL users having 'auto logoff' permission.

Permission settings

Via sipXconfig: Users -> Users -> user id -> permissions the hotdesking permissions can be selected. Currently there are three of them:

hotdesking, is user allowed to use hotdesking

hotdesking_without_pincode, skip pincode prompt for this user

hotdesking_auto_logoff, is this user allowed to be automatically logged off by the 'auto logoff time trigger'.




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