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General Phone Information

Cisco Manual

If you attempt to upgrade firmware AFTER entering phone into sipXconfig interface run this command

rm /var/sipxdata/configserver/phone/profile/tftproot/gk*

then follow these instructions.

Setting up with sipXecs

Beyond adding an entry in the phone list for your Cisco phone and assigning a user to that phone, there are a few more steps you meed to make to this phone work.

Download and install SIP support for your phone from Cisco. You will need an account with Cisco.

Also in this package is a binary executable that needs to be placed in a specific location to be called from within the configuration server.

cp cfgfmt.linux /etc/sipxpbx/ciscoAta/cfgfmt
chmod a+x /etc/sipxpbx/ciscoAta/cfgfmt

Perform the following steps on your Cisco 7905G and 7912G phones:

  1. Power the phone up
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Use the Navigation button to select Settings, and then press the Select softkey
  4. Use the Navigation button to select Network Configuration or SIP Configuration, and then press the Select softkey
  5. Make a note of a phone's MAC address for a later configuration of this device in sipXecs
  6. From the Network Configuration menu or the SIP Configuration menu, press **#
  7. If your phone displays 'Enter Admin Password', enter your password and then press the Enter softkey
  8. Set 'Alternate TFTP' to 'Yes'
  9. Select 'TFTP Server', press 'Edit'
  10. Set the IP address of TFTP Server to an IP Address of sipXecs, press 'Validate'
  11. Press 'Save'
  12. The phone restarts; the phone should get a new configuration from sipXecs's TFTP server

Changing the logo

To change the Cisco logo on your phone

1. Edit your phone or phone group Software Upgrade settings with following values:

  • Logo ID: 10
  • Logo filename: sipx7912.logo

2. Send profiles to phone

3. To make your own logo, edit this file